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"I feel nervous and overeat but nothing really satisfies"

I have been feeling not too great - not sure if it is the diet I am on or the new energies coming on the planet. I am having terrible headaches and my guidance says no need to see a Dr. However when I feel bad, virus or anything I have a tendency to overeat - binge and purge, binge and purge tilll the feeling goes away. I think I am hungry but nothing I eat really satisfies. I tried taking camimille and rescue and impatiens for a while cause I'm thinking maybe its my nerves. Can you help??


Hi. Yes, it sounds like nerves, or fear, to me. You are looking to find a sense of safety and nurturing through the food. You ARE hungry, but it is for a feeling of that safety and nurturing. This is a VERY intense time on the planet, so I think that is what you are picking up on. Your letter and insights are very clear. Here's what I suggest:

  1. Cleanse your space with the white light twice a day, sending a glowing ball of white light energy through your entire body, all the way through your feet and then into the earth.
  2. Order and use the aurasoma magenta pomander which brings about feelings of love and compassion and is an incredible aura protector as well, keeping your space from picking up any energies. You put some into your left hand, then rub your 2 hands together. Then bring your palms up to your face and breathe it in for 3 breaths. Then place your hands over your heart, and breathe 3 breaths. Then take your hands and, a bit away from the body, start at your feet, and move your hands all the way up the body, sort of like fluffing out your aura, and then raise your arms over your head. Then, come back down the body from the head to the feet, and touch the floor when you finish at your feet. You can order this at
  3. Drink a lot of water - at least 6 cups a day, to cleanse toxins from your body as you diet. This amount of water needs to be taken every day anyway, whether dieting or not. Eat healthy also. Lots of steamed greens.

There may be other ways you find that feel nurturing to you as well, instead of eating: talking to a friend, connecting with positive or spiritually oriented people, meditating, getting a massage, going for a walk, doing something that is positive, uplifting, and creative. That is always a great way to shift your energy into a positive space.

A good formula to use to find out what you are needing is this:

"I am feeling hungry because I am needing ----------------. Therefore I will ------------------."

Blessings, Ayal

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