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"My boyfriend does not appreciate me any more - what can I do?"


What you do is trust yourself - you trust that you're worthwhile and you appreciate yourself. It isn't about him. You are assuming he doesn't appreciate you, but that's how YOU are feeling about YOURSELF - because you feel that way about yourself, you are interpreting his actions to mean that. We interpret the actions of others based on our own issues. For instance, if you have a belief somewhere inside of you that you are not appreciated, or worthwhile, then you will interpret whatever he does to mean that. It's like wearing yellow glasses. If you look through yellow glasses, everything will look yellow. It's the same when we have an issue going on inside of us - then, no matter what is said or done, we will look out at the world through those glasses (the issue we have inside of us) and say "See, he doesn't appreciate me." He could be feeling and thinking nothing of the sort, but YOU will see it that way.

If you or he have a belief that says: "When people live together, then this is what it looks like: people don't appreciate one another", or "this is what happens", then that is what you will act out. It's all about what you believe. If you saw your parents, for instance, not appreciating one another in their marriage, or the man not appreciating the woman, you will have a thought form or belief that says: "This is how it is". Then, you create whatever you believe in. It's like having a program put into a computer. All the computer can do is run whatever program is put into it. The same is true for us as human beings. Whatever program we have running inside of us, that is the program that will act out in our lives, until we see it and change it and put in a new program. So, decide how you would like it to be - decide what program you want - and create that.

I invite you to read the Laws of the Universe found on this site. And also the article listed at the end of the home page about how we create our own reality. When you understand how this all works, then you will see that when you change that issue inside of you, you take off the yellow glasses, in other words, life will look and feel very differently to you.

Blessings, Ayal

306. "I have a difficult time committing myself to do exercise"

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