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"I know our beliefs create our reality, but what about money issues?"

Hello Ayal,

Some months back I wrote to you about how I felt lonely and a constant yearning for love among other things. And you told me there was a need for me to ask for healing in the chakra in my pelvic area as there was some damage. You also recommended I buy something else to help too.

I was able to locate what you recommended I buy, but I found just me alone asking for healing of this area helped me a great deal. Thank you.

My only question is, do you think it is possible as one thing is fixed another area can flare up?

I have read many books that deal with the laws of the universe since I was sixteen I have been using these laws. At first they brought many changes almost overnight but I feel now as if things have greatly slowed. I have asked for many things and I feel particularly on the line of finance and even romance, even though this isn't important to me now, I am making no progress, things seem to be taking sooo long to happen for me if at all.

I know our beliefs create our reality, but what about money issues? If I can't at least make enough to make life comfortable and everything I try seems to end in failure how do I reverse this? I am beginning to feel and in fact for some time now that I was just put here to suffer, if anything happens it always seems to be too little too late. Or something happens to mar it. Maybe this is a wrong belief.

I don't understand why I am not achieving any real success.

Things seem to be reverting some time a back when I went through a big heart break I found it hard to achieve anything for some time and it took a while before I was able to find something I could do then things started happening, last year though I was eventually released from my job although I was glad because I began to dislike it but I had a side job and through it I got a great opportunity but for some reason it did not fully materialize, and another opportunity again came and this did not fully materialize and since then things have just been down hill nothing is happening.

I am just failing at every venture, it is really disheartening. I'd like to make a donation but how can I do this when I can't even fully support myself.

I was reading up some of the other questions you receive and if my main problem now may be confidence or a sense of self worth what can I do about this?

Right now I am quite tired of everything, I am tired of trying and failing. I thought my life would start to get easier and in many ways it is just as hard.

If we create our own reality, then maybe some persons are better at creating their desired reality than others are. Or is it just a case of divine timing?

Whatever the case may be I feel mentally frustrated. I am glad for people who do well, I am not jealous but what really gets to me is if I have potential why doesn't anything great happen for me and all the way why do I have to constantly deal with the disappointments and things falling through.

Nothing in my life seems to last very long or totally manifest. I know life changes and I am fine with it but do you think we were all meant to be happy? Some persons are good at getting what they want in life, I thought I was one of those persons but it's been a long time since I really got what I wanted. Most times I am just quite frustrated because nothing seems to be happening for me and there are alot of things I'd like to do.

There are alot of things I have in my life that I don't want. But I am tired of trying to get rid of them and trying to get what I really want. All I seem to really know is failure and disappointment. If I got a medal for my failures I'd be quite decorated.

So that is why I have reached to if this is how it is going to be then fine. I have read a great deal on the laws of the universe and I have tried many times to manifest the reality I want but all I get are bits and pieces. I am not afraid of succeeding and it isn't that I do not try and it isn't that I'm not persistent so what is it? Is my self worth soo low? There are persons who do so well and they have more problems than me!

So I really wonder if it somewhat has to do with our lot in life. Maybe we are all meant to have various preset destinies in life. But the thing I don't get is why is it that I find it so hard to accept mine. I should be happy to be alive and grateful but honestly these days there isn't a day that goes by I wish I wasn't here. I really think life should contain some joy.

Is it that our destiny in life be preset too?


Hi - well, people are not meant to suffer, but we can suffer if we are not clear about what we are feeling, what we are creating from unconscious issues, and what is really going on for us. If that is the case - if there are underlying issues that have not been brought into the light and cleared, then these issues and emotions will continue to operate no matter how much you may ask for something, no matter how much you may desire it, or think you're clear enough to manifest it. There are many, many layers to our beings, like layers of an onion - so, yes, when we clear one layer, we are then ready to deal with what may be distorted in the next layer. We dive deeper, in other words, just as a scuba diver, after practicing diving to a certain depth, can then dive deeper and see more things.

It is very important that you truly confront your sadness - you have internalized a great deal of melancholy, and from what I am receiving, it seems to have a lot to do with a sexual issue. There is a lack of recognition on your part regarding this issue, and you need to find out about and explore this so that you can heal it. Because of this sexual issue, there is a kind of allergic feeling you have toward affection. You don't allow yourself to have it. There is also an issue showing up of not feeling at home... This is a first chakra issue which suggests that you did not feel safe or comfortable in your family growing up. A need to forgive showed up also, and I think it also relates to this sexual issue and perhaps other things as well. When one doesn't feel at home or safe within one's own family, many issues then get developed about not feeling able to create, or not feeling good enough, etc. I invite you to read Caroline Myss's book, 'Anatomy of the Spirit', and do some healing work especially on this chakra, as well as the 2nd chakra and the 4th chakra.

Having a possible sexual issue which is not remembered can lead to many other difficulties in life. There can be issues of not feeling good enough, or expecting to suffer and have a difficult time in life, to be unsupported, etc. An issue did show up for you regarding a belief you have that you have been deserted and that you have no right to exist. This issue of not believing that you have a right to exist usually shows up when there has been a deep trauma of some sort. You also have a belief that you have been used. This would all relate back to your feelings of deep sadness. It would be very difficult to have a wonderful life where you are able to materialize what you desire if underneath everything was a belief that you had no right to even exist, and the tremendous sadness and exhaustion that you are feeling would stem from this place - trying, as you said, to succeed, but always feeling as if you fail no matter what you do. You are unconsciously trying to fight this energy, but it is like a current that would pull you back no matter what you do - you can't get to where you are wanting to go and manifest joy and success in your life with this issue still operating. It can't be fought , and it can't be ignored. It must be faced, transformed, and healed. The sadness needs to be be consciously released, and new beliefs created that will allow your life to be joyful and successful. This belief that you have no right to exist has created a lot of patterns of destructiveness for you in your life.

Actually, there is a Lack of Faith going on for you, which perhaps stems from the deep exhaustion you feel and having come to believe that you will fail no matter what. However, as I mentioned, you are failing, or think you are, not because you are destined to suffer or because you aren't as good a creator as others - it is because you have not yet dealt with or recognized the issue that is at the heart of these difficulties. When you do face it and heal it, life will be very different for you. You will feel much more Self sufficient, and your life will flow and be much more joyful.

It would be very helpful for you to say this 2 times a day for3 months:

"I sponsor myself to the Creator, the Cosmic All, the Masters, and the Creator Entity to have the re-fill of the Creator’s consciousness and energies: 111.10 health patterns, 110.76 healing rates, 59.93 future patterns, 59.71 past patterns, 60.834 personality healing and Love, wisdom, justice, personal freedom (67.105), equality, awareness, patience, tolerance, integrity, (55.075), inspiration (87.724), appreciation (88.174), will power (119.475). Thank you."
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Blessings, Ayal

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