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"God is the one who can heal you... not yourself"

Ayal.... Do you believe in God? Do you ever read the Bible? The Bible says that Jesus Christ loves you, He died for your sins, He rose 3 days later, and HE IS THE ULTIMATE HEALER. I pray that you'll seek the TRUE and LIVING God... He's the One that can heal you.... not yourself.


You are certainly entitled to your beliefs. When we think, however, that we have the only belief that is right, and then we think that everyone else has to believe the way we do, that only you and those who believe as you do have the right way, then that becomes an imposition on others, whatever that belief is. I certainly honor that you have your way of believing. Hopefully, you can honor the beliefs of others as well. Otherwise, one walks the way of the fanatic. When one thinks that they have the only right way, whether it is in matters of religion, child rearing, politics, you name it - they then can easily think that they have the "right" to impose their beliefs on others - through war, trying to convert others, through some means of force, because they have made others wrong.

Throughout history, the use of force to justify harmful and dishonoring actions has happened over and over because someone thinks that they are right and everyone else is wrong. This can be extreme arrogance - and I don't see that God is arrogant. God is total acceptance: total compassion, allowing all beings to find their own way, through Love. It isn't God that says there is only one way. If that were so, how come there are so many different ways of worshiping and honoring God? It is human beings who take the teachings of God and interpret them and use them in this way for their own gratification and means. That is called ego, or hubris. Pride.

There is room on this earth for many, many beliefs. And that is called tolerance and honoring. If one believes in God, then one, I think, must also understand that Walking with God means to behave as God would have us behave: that is, to behave with tolerance, honoring, and having an open mind that is large enough to include all of God's creation - all walks of life. There are many cultures, and many names for God. How come you think that yours alone is the only right one? This is a very large world, and a very large universe. I believe that God is very large too, and can't fit or be molded or forced into just one form. God is much, much bigger than our human ideas of right and wrong. God is everything. God is Jesus, and Christ, yes, and many, many other things as well.

As long as how we believe does not harm others, or makes others wrong, then I would say that belief walks with God.

Blessings, Ayal

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