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"I felt connected and very high but now I face questions about what to do in life"

dear ayal, i have been on a path of self discovery since only last one year. six months back, i started experiencing a wonderful feeling of fulfillment and peace - though i was doing nothing; i had no source of income. it was almost like i was 'being'. then for months, i had wonderful experiences - of serendipity/synchronicity; connection; love etc. then suddenly - 3 months back - i 'lost' that connection, and i entered more dark phase. some tell me its cleansing, as you go 'higher'. now, in this state, i face questions about what to do in life. i have never felt like money was a driving force in my life - but, i will need it. on the other hand, i have 'visited' the feeling of connectedness - and i would like to be in that. and i feel i should be working to spread this awareness and help people. what i cannot decide is - what should i do; and how do i arrange for financial income. i hope you will be able to sense the right answer about my path.


Hi - when we do what we love, when we are following our "dharma", or our path - what we came into this life to do - we are in the flow of creation, in the flow of harmony, and the Universe supports us. What you need to do is find what it is you love to do, commit to it wholeheartedly, do it, and state your intention that a creative way easily opens that allows you to express yourself in this way, and supports you financially.

Blessings, Ayal

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