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"My daughter is depressed and off the rails. How can I help?"

Dear Ayal:

My daughter who is 16, has to take 5 medications. She is bipolar and has polycystic ovary syndrome. She has a psychiatrist who mainly prescribes drugs, gynecologist, internist, etc. They are not helping - just covering everything up. She has had her share of narcotic drugs also including 2 overdoses of acid. She has suicidal tendencies (a symptom of bipolar) which has eased since taking lithium. Just a few days ago she told me that she had been in a Vampire Cult when in Jr. High. I was totally shocked as I thought I knew what she was doing at all times. Is it possible that some sort of evil obsession is at work here?

I don't know how much more I can take. My health is not good either as I have fibromyalgia. I worry so much about her that I cannot sleep, having hair loss, etc. - all due to stress. I have anxiety attacks when she goes off with her friends, even though she is excellent about calling me often. Drugs are so bad here (Nashville). The schools here are drug infested. Children are committing suicide or overdosing at schools weekly. I want to help my daughter and her friends, but I am such a nervous wreck I don't know where to start or what to do. I read a lot of self help books and have done some research, but I need more help.

I think that we both need a spiritual, mental, and physical healing. You mentioned a "soul retrieval session"? We do not argue and fight - I basically let her go because I do not want to upset her - this is not good, I know. I also see a counselor but he is not helping. I have been through a lot of traumatic episodes in my life; fire, death of parents, illness, divorce, etc., but I have always considered myself to be a positive, level headed woman with a lot of common sense - until now. I believe in God, prayer (raised Catholic). Lauren does not believe in "religion", but says she prays a lot. Thanking you in advance with Love, Peace, and Prayers,


Hello - You have asked for help, and when we do that we must be prepared to hear Truth. Often that Truth will be the last thing we expected. Your asking for it is a good sign. Here is the information that you asked for. What you do with it will, of course, be up to you. I hope, for your sake and your daughter's sake, that you will take this information to heart.

Your daughter's problems stem from your extreme need to control her. The issue for you is one of extreme control. You are only aligned with Truth, with seeing things truthfully, at about 37%. Your daughter joined the cult group in high school as a desperate means to escape your controlling nature. She was looking for something of her own, some group where she could feel that she could be an individual. And she chose a group as far from you and your values as she could. It is so bad for her that she is feeling driven crazy by your need to control her. At this point, yes, she is out of balance with all the drugs she is on. If you truly love her, you will be able to face this in yourself, even though you may not want to, and really deal with what is causing both of your problems. If your ego and need to not see yourself truthfully is stronger than your love for her, then you will deny this information and you will both continue to suffer. My hope for you is that you will choose to deal with the Truth.

Your developing fibromyalsia was your way to slow yourself down as you are so uptight in general. This is hard to hear, I am sure, but you can heal this if you face the truth. There can be no healing unless you really deal with what is going on. Then the next steps will be made available. If you cannot begin with the truth, how can a healing path emerge? That is why nothing is helping.

There is a woman who is an incredible medical intuitive and healer who will work with Lauren to help her regain her balance from the distortions the drugs have caused and help her regain her sense of self as well. I will give you her number upon request. I hope you will begin to release your need to control, which comes from such a deep place of fear. When we fear so much, as you stated - you fear Lauren even going out the door with her friends - the strategy is to try to control everything around you so that life is not so terrifying. Your stress is from fear of life. Lauren's difficulties come from your fear, and control.

If you decide to align yourself and accept what is truly going on, I think life will become a much easier and richer experience for you, and you too will begin to heal. But right now, your awareness of what is really going on is not aligned with truth.

I have given you what you asked for. I hope you will move toward true healing. Best wishes,


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