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"How can you understand that a baby is creating their reality?"

Hi Ayal,

I found your article on Laws of the Universe is really meaningful and those concepts go very well with things happening in daily life. Therefore I took a hard-copy of that too, that helps me to carry it with me and look at it several times a day. I use it as a tool to understand the meaning of happenings in my life and identify the reasons why my responses were like that! I believe it goes with any issue in life, but I'd like you to clarify an issue using those Universal Laws, as still I was not able to clarify it with myself. Here's the issue that I need to clarify using the Universal Laws.

You told that anything, place or person is a mirror that shows the reality of a person. And further, it is "you" that create your own reality (100%), which depends on your beliefs. My question is this: Today we can hear tragic incidents like the killing of a new-born infant by his/her own mother! According to the universal laws, what happened to the new-born (the killing), the person who was involved (the mother) must be a mirror of that infant's belief. It's somewhat unusual, as it's impossible a new-born can have such a negative belief (or such kind of perspective) which is powerful enough to make his own life to the end! So, how the universal laws has acted upon that issue?

Best wishes for continuing your work which benefits a lot of people !


Hi. This is always a tough question, and I, too, have struggled with it. I don't have all the answers. The only thing that I can tell you is that, if we do accept the principle that we create our own reality, then we must also be creating it as children - even as a child, we are still in soul essence. Our souls, I believe, set up their life contract before entering this plane of existence. So, perhaps some souls only choose to be here for a short time and are working something out by choosing to die young, or even violently. Perhaps those who suffer in such a way are taking on the task of calling the rest of us to consciousness - to be so horrified by it that we choose to grow in compassion. Perhaps there is some karma there to be dealt with. As I said, I don't have all the answers. Even if this is so, still, we can each choose to evolve to the point where finally we honor life enough that we can work things out lovingly, compassionately, without violence, or abuse.

I feel we create our reality on psychological levels (our beliefs, feelings, behavior) and the baby hasn't had a chance to develop there. But also and more fundamentally we create as Spirit (including creating our psychology), and the spiritual is ageless. In fact the baby is probably more "there" and awake spiritually than at any other time, in a typical life.

A good and poignant question.

Blessings, Ayal

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