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"How to awaken others?"

I have not found many people have truly woken up. Indeed I find myself being sucked into the universal trivialities all the time.

I believe in a world wide AWAKENING... and I have a plan for education. I need to know what your views are on whether it is a good idea to awaken people, i.e. teach how to release the past. How to visualize. Understanding of true belief, etc. Your views on the above subject will be welcome.


Hello - What 'true belief' is varies from person to person. Almost every religion in the world thinks they and they alone, have it. This has led to wars, pillaging, atrocities, and many other difficulties in our world. I think releasing the past and being able to do inner work by visualizing are important and very useful tools for gaining clarity. I hear your desire to help others, which I applaud. I also hear some judgment or fear of being pulled 'down' into what seems to you to be a lesser reality. Although I totally understand what you mean, and have felt that way myself, this raises a bit of a red flag for me. If we are coming from any motive other than pure love, we may want to check our motives. Do we want to change or offer others something because we are afraid or disdainful of where they are at, or because we see suffering?

I think we have to be very, very careful not to impose our beliefs on others. There is a saying that God is very polite and does not intrude unless invited, and I think that we also must be careful not to intrude our beliefs on others. If someone comes to us to learn what we have learned, and they are asking for guidance, then I think we do the best we can to offer what we know and come from a clear and loving place. But, I think if we are beings of true, unconditional love, then we live from a state which never violates another, or denies another their own belief or way of looking at things. We are not angry at the way things are, or judgmental or fearful of others. Instead, we honor each one's journey, and we trust that we are all children of God, even though all of us are at different stages along the way; we trust that we all will get there, or fully awaken, each in our own way and at our own time. If we can live from this place, then that Light and Love within us, which is God's essence coming through, will attract those who choose to learn something from that Light. Where it gets tricky is, what is our ego claiming we know the truth, and what is really God's truth coming through? If we mislead ourselves, and listen to the ego, which loudly claims we have the truth, something which is so easy to do, things can get distorted very badly. What may be true for us at a given moment may not be true for someone else. What we are ready for, another may not be ready for, or visa versa.

However, I do believe that there are teachings which do come from a clear source, and these teachings can help others along the way. But we must always check carefully to see if our egos are directing the show - if we are pushing or pulling at others, if we are wanting to speak louder than anyone else, if we are judging, or angry, then we know it's not the higher truth that is wanting to share something, but our own need for gratification. The best thing we can do is to be clear in ourselves. Then what we share with others can be helpful.

Best wishes! Ayal

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