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"Am I suffering from stress or am I really ill?"

Hi Ayal,

Maybe you have had this question earlier. I went through some stress recently when my mother had to undergo eye surgery. I had been having some muscle aches and heaviness before that but with this stress, the aches became bad with tingling, headaches etc. My stomach also remains out most of the time. I started panicking about what was wrong with me. I went to a doctor and she did some tests and told me that it was stress or psychosomatic. I think it could be fibromyalgia. I am scared and depressed at times. I am taking homeopathic medicine and trying to work at healing myself from the inside. But the symptoms don't go away when I feel mentally a little more peaceful. And then, I get scared all over again. What can I do to feel secure and at peace. Also, what if this is something serious? My husband and family don't know how to help me as they feel I am creating this myself.


Hi - well, you are living in a lot of fear, and there are some things that you can do about this. The first is cut the cords that connect you to your mother and her distress and concerns. You are a very sensitive, gentle person who easily picks up the fear and distress of those around you. That leads to a lot of stress.

When we consistently direct our thoughts and energy to a particular person, place, feeling, or thing, we begin to establish an energetic cord connecting us to that object. The more we send our energy there, the more we think of that object, the thicker and bigger the cord becomes. In this way, our energy gets attached to that object, and as it flows away from our own being, where it is needed, we lose energy. Not only do we lose energy, which many call "giving our power away", but we also allow our energy to become entangled in the energy of the other. Any time we are attached to something, we have lessened our ability to move freely, without encumbrance. One of the definitions, in Buddhist terms, of suffering, is "attachment". This does not mean that we disconnect from life or others. It means that when we connect, it is important to do so only from the heart, from a heartfelt, truly loving place which simply loves, as one would love a beautiful sunset. It does not need, or push, or pull at another's energy in any way. To connect from the heart is appropriate if we are able to connect from a place of loving detachment.

In order to live healthfully, we need to have all of our own energy in our own space, in our own bodies. We do not try to direct or influence the lives of others, or put out cords toward them. We also do not need the energy of others to survive. We are all our own power generators with our own life plans, with infinite resources of energy at our disposal. All that we need to do is to tune into that Divine Source of energy and allow it to flow into us. All we need to do is be willing to receive it. There are many techniques and methods which show us the way to open and receive this Divine energy, which is the energy we breathe with each breath and which fills every cell of our beings, giving us life.

When we feel unclear, tired, irritated, upset, or drained, an important healing tool to use is to sit in meditation and using inner vision, scan one's body, both the front and the back. Energetic cords can be sensed., and some people even have the ability to see them. If you see or sense a cord attached to you from another, or a cord going out from you to something or someone else, you can imagine yourself cutting the cords and allowing the energy to return where it belongs. You can also state this, as you cut the cords:

"Mother-Father God and Holy Spirit: Assist me by disconnecting all energy connections from me to others and from others to me."
When the cords have been cut, surround yourself with a beautiful cocoon of glowing, white light, and state:
"I now am willing to connect with my Divine Source of energy, and I allow only the Highest Vibration of Love to connect me to others, and others to me."
By establishing their rightful connection to their own true Source of Power, a person lives in freedom, and allows others to live in freedom, sharing only that which is of true benefit for all.

You need to practice speaking your truth at all times and living from a place of having your own power. This is a 2nd chakra issue. Read Caroline Myss's book 'Anatomy of the Spirit', and pay very close attention to the information on the 2nd chakra. You lose your own power when you go outside of yourself and connect inappropriately to the energy and fears of others.

You need to get grounded in your self, in your own power. Otherwise you tend to feed off of, basically, the fears of those around you, as well as your own. Then you become weighed down by despair. This is stressful on the body. When you have your own power, you feel safe and secure and healthy. You need to develop that. Using the red Aura-Soma pomander for grounding and protection would be very good for you. You can order it at

You also need to get moving in life - when you stay in fear, focusing on that, and worrying about what could be wrong, there is a dullness that sets in, a dulling of your life force. Find things you love to do, and go out and do them! Share love and joy. Spend your time doing that, rather than worrying or staying in fear.

Also, it would be very, very good for you to have regular massages for a while. You need to release the fear that you have stored up in your body. This will help to get the life force stimulated and moving in you again.

Blessings, Ayal


You are so right about the fact that at times I feel helpless and power less. I don't know how to do what you say. I try meditating. I am also doing reiki. Sometimes I feel there is improvement but then there is a low again and I feel sometimes like I may never improve. Please give me some hope. What do you see for me in the future. Thanks for all your time and effort in replying.


Hi - I'm not a psychic in that I see what's in people's future. What's in your future anyway is up to you. It's entirely up to you what you choose to create, moment by moment. Asking me to do that for you, rather than you trusting that you are making good choices and creating your moments, your future, as you would like it to be is still giving your power away - this time, to me, right? YOU have everything that you need inherently within you to provide for all of life's necessities and to fully and completely take care of yourself. Do you believe that? If not, that's the place to start. What has you NOT believing that? What do you believe about yourself and your power?

Read 'Anatomy of the Spirit' and work with the questions and suggestions she has at the end of each chapter. There is some 1st and 2nd chakra information, especially, that is important for you to understand and work with.

Also, read the Laws of the Universe found on the Clearing the Way site. Check out what you believe about yourself, about power, and helplessness, and use the formula for changing core beliefs found there. It's up to you to choose what works for you in your life - you can choose the beliefs and emotions you would rather have so that your life gets created how you would like it to be.

Release any resentment or feelings of incompetence that you feel, and choose to come from being the creator rather than the victim. Resentment comes from feeling that you have been victimized. Believing that you are incompetent is simply that: a belief. Energy held in a certain pattern. Beliefs can be transformed. No one can make you into a victim or powerless except yourself. If you believe that others have more power than you, then that is what you will create - life situations that reflect that back to you. But only because that is what YOU are choosing to believe. Every moment you can decide to choose beliefs that strengthen your life force - that give you a feeling of self worth.

Use self discipline in your life to go after what you want and what strengthens you. Follow through with what you decide to do for yourself. Strengthen your will power in this way.

Using the techniques I offered you in the last e-mail is one way to retrieve your power. Bringing your energy back to you and not sending it out into other people's space is one way to keep your power with yourself.

You can also say this to help support you in this process, twice a day for3 weeks:

"I sponsor myself to the Creator, the Cosmic All, the Masters, and the Creator Entity to have the re-fill of the Creator's consciousness and energies: 111.10 health patterns, 110.76 healing rates, 59.93 future patterns, 59.71 past patterns, 60.834 personality healing and Love, wisdom, justice, personal freedom (67.105), equality, awareness, patience, tolerance, integrity, (55.075), inspiration (87.724), appreciation (88.174), will power (119.475). Thank you."
Using the olive green Aura-Soma pomander for courage and the magenta quintessence for awakening to your own creative beauty will help you as well. You can order them at

Read my article Balancing Masculine & Feminine. You are needing to strengthen your feminine energy and allow it to have power.

When you take up your power and creative ability and choose to manifest things differently in your life, then you will. Your life is totally in your own hands, no one else's. It's your painting, and what you paint is entirely up to you.

Blessings, Ayal

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