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"The world seems a threatening place"


I seem to feel under threat all the time. How can I stop myself from reading the world this way?


Hi - Thank you for your question. It is a big question - feeling under threat can come from many, many places. The first possibility for relief that showed up was a technique called shamanic extraction which removes negativity from one's being. You can get in touch with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies - their number is 415/380-8282 - they have practitioners all around the country, as well as knowing about shamanic healers from around the world.

There seems to be some attachment going on in your mind to some form of negativity. Did something difficult happen to you when you were around 9 years old? The information I received was not too specific, but said you are dealing with issues from your shadow side, or lower self, your instinctual nature, issues that need some attention and working through. These issues seem to be deep seated and may deal with feelings of being destroyed, or discarded, in some way. Somewhere at some time, you made a decision or developed feelings that you were not safe. Finding out where this comes from is your current challenge and journey. I would invite you to think about the possibility of exploring these issues in a nurturing and safe form of therapy.

In the meantime, surrounding yourself and filling yourself with a brilliant, glowing white light is helpful and calls in higher level of protection and understanding.

Best of luck to you - Ayal

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