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"Since marrying I feel unable to do anything meaningful"

Dear Ayal,

Thank you for this opportunity to contact you. It seems to me that after I got married somehow I was not able to work or get a job or do something positive with my life. I do not know what happened but I have become totally dependent in terms of money. I have tried to change my career and start something new and I do not even know what to do or what I would like to do. I look for jobs (any) and I do not even get interviews. Something inside happened and I do not know what. Please advise, I want to work in something meaninful and earn my own money. I was raised really dependent and my father alwayse gave me everything i wanted. after he died i found a job, i left my mom and rented my appartment, even though my mother hated me because she felt abandoned (I should have taken care of her, and replace my father), I did it and I felt good and happy doing my life. then I meet my husband and I got married, and since that I have not been able to do something mininful with my life. Please advise, how I am creating this pattern?


Hi - well I think from what you said, that the answers are right there in your letter. Your experience and energetic pattern of living with a man, i.e. your father, was to be dependent on him. That is the pattern that your brain has in its filing system, locked in as to what living with a man IS. So, when you're on your own, that pattern doesn't apply. But when you marry, and live with a man again, the old pattern clicks in, and boom, you're dependant again. So, what you need to do is erase that old pattern, or belief structure, and put a new one in its place. To do this, read the Laws of the Universe, and use the formula for changing core beliefs to create a new belief system for yourself.

Blessings, Ayal

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