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"I'm scared of being hurt in a relationship"

I meet this guy where I work, he comes in and out to get food alot. He also works alot, he calls me 5 days a week then sometimes he comes over. Then for a few days I dont hear from him at all. How do I know if he cares or not? He wants a relationship but I am scared of being hurt.


Sounds as if you have some fear up about being abandoned or hurt in relationships. The issue isn't whether or not he cares. Even though he calls you a lot, you still don't know if he cares. What stops you from trusting that people can and will care about you? The issue really is, what do you want to do about the fear you feel? What has you afraid that you will be hurt if you enter into a relationship? That's the place to start. There are no guarantees about what others will do. All you can do is be clear within yourself about what kind of energy you are putting out fromyourself. Whatever you put out into the world, due to what you believe, what your beliefs and thought forms and emotions are, is what will come back to you. Know that life will mirror for you what you choose to believe in - what you put your energy into, in other words, is what will return to you. If you put your energy into not trusting, into fear, and believing that you will be hurt, that is what you will create by the power of your thoughts, which is what brings things into manifestation. Self exploration, looking inside of ourselves to see what is going on - to see and understand what beliefs have us feeling a certain emotion, is what it's all about, and what is needed.

Read the Laws of the Universe. That's why I put it on the site. If you read the information there, you will be able to answer this for yourself because you will be able to figure out what is going on for you.

Blessings, Ayal

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