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"I want to sell my house and move on but something stops me"

this is crazy ive been thinking about selling my house for years but something stops me some fear. is it fear of not finding somewhere else? what has the house got me by the balls? its crazy when i was younger i moved around so much. recently went to ny, I loved it, wanted to come back and sell up. soon as i settled back in the house i got stuck WHAT???!


Hi - the first thing that shows up for you is a need to balance and heal your male energy. That is the energy that faces life with courage and gets things moving. I invite you to sit in meditation and ask to speak to your masculine energy. Allow it to talk with you, and ask it what is going on about not being able to get moving, and ask what it needs. Then just be open to receiving whatever information comes through.

The next thing that shows up for you is a fear that you will be abandoned. I think, therefore, that you are kind of hiding out at home, hiding away in your cave, so to speak, so you don't have to go out there in the world and face possible abandonment. Or a possible threat of some kind from having relationships. You may find that you have some anger going on around this issue, and/or feelings of alienation. It will be important for you to see if this is an issue for you, and if it is, to again sit in meditation and ask: "What are the origins of this issue of abandonment for me?" Then you can begin to work with it and heal it.

Read the Laws of the Universe found on this site, and use the formula for changing core beliefs found there. This is a core belief, the belief that you will be abandoned. This appears, as well, to be an issue that got passed on to you through your ancestral lineage. You came in with it in your DNA, in other words. Healing this will also heal it for your ancestors who are simply in another form, but still have issues to work out. As you clear it, it clears for them as well.

A good intention to state while working with this is: "All the places in my body, mind, and life where this has been a problem is healing now."

It is also showing up that you lack faith. Faith in yourself, that you can do it; faith that things work out. What would it feel like to just KNOW that things work out perfectly? That you are fully capable of creating exactly what you want? There is a lot of fear in storage for you that you are needing to release. It's important for you to start getting in touch with your inner voice, or inner guidance. Sitting in meditation and asking questions, then listening for the answer is a good place to start.

Well, here's a tough one to hear, perhaps. You have some self pity to let go of. Feeling like a poor me is victim consciousness and saps your energy, as well as the energy of others. Read about victim consciousness in the Laws of the Universe.

A great thing to do for yourself would be to get I touch with the Option Institute in Massachusetts and see what workshops they will be offering. They are a great place that can be life changing. What the offer really helps people move out of stuck places, see options for their lives, and develop new ways to be.

Some flower essences and Aura-Soma products would be good for you to use to help you with this healing process. They are:

  1. The yellow Aura-Soma pomander for nervousness and negative thoughts - it beings back sparkle and laughter to life.
  2. The olive green Aura-Soma pomander for courage and leadership - both of these and the one below can be ordered from Aura-Soma usa (830) 935-2355. Ask for info on how to use them.
  3. The #4 essential oil Aura-Soma.
  4. The white chestnut flower essence for clarity, inertia, meditation, calm, and letting go - take 4 drops under the tongue twice a day for 5 weeks. Order this at (530) 265-9163.
Blessings, Ayal

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