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"I found out a man had secretly taped our sexual encounters"

Dear Ayal,

My friend wrote recently, and she told me how helpful you were. She suggested I write to you myself. A few years ago I had a sexual relationship with a man co-worker and later found out he had taped our encounters. I never saw the tape, yet people on my job began to describe what happened as well as my body in detail. Never mind who I went to for help, including the authorities, there was no one willing to help me. Now a few years later, strangers in the grocery store, the subway, and such recognize me from the video footage. I have prayed on this, but I still feel extremely violated and unsettled. Please give me some advice on how the deal with this situation?


Hi - This sounds like a very traumatic thing to be going through. Taping you and putting it on the Internet without your consent is against the law - you need to go get some pro bono legal help, pronto! However, first you have to believe that you can get the help and support you need. Do you believe that about life? If you look at what had you create this, it could be of use to you. You say that no one was willing to help you. What belief would you have to have to create that? It sounds as if there is a feeling of utter helplessness and powerlessness going on. Do you feel that way? That is victim consciousness, and this situation is definitely a creation of manifesting being a victim, big time. There is probably also a belief going on for you that you will be humiliated or betrayed. There would have to be, in order for this kind of situation to get created, right? That leads to isolation, and it seems you are feeling isolated, with no one to help you but instead just humiliate or reject you. The issue of family rejection is showing up that probably plays directly into this. This needs to get healed.

Read the Laws of the Universe, paying special attention to the part that gives the procedure for changing core beliefs. If you believe that you will be rejected, betrayed, and humiliated, you will create situations that mirror this for you in your life. Work with the process for changing these beliefs into other ones - into beliefs that will allow you to create what you would rather have in your life. We create our lives through the power of our thoughts and our perceptions. How we choose to perceive things is up to us - that is why we have free will - we learn through our experiences, which are a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs and reveal ourselves to us - then we make better choices about how we will choose to perceive - in order to become clearer beings.

You are needing to develop the ability to make good choices for yourself and to develop your strength of will. This is a 5th chakra issue which is all about speaking your truth and creating what you choose. I invite you to read Caroline Myss's book, 'Anatomy of the Spirit', and see what jumps out at you. It's a great book, and will shed some light on this 5th chakra issue for you, I think. Pay special attention also to the info about the 2nd chakra.

You need to get in touch with your anger about this and other things in your life, and release it in an appropriate and safe way. You are getting something out of keeping your anger, and until you are ready and willing to release it, this situation will be harder to resolve.

Using an Aura-Soma essence, the yellow pomander, which is an antidote for nervousness and negative thoughts, and which brings back courage and clarity and laughter to life, would help you with this healing. You can order that at Aura-Soma USA, (830) 935-2355.

Blessings, Ayal

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