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"What could be the cause and cure of impotence?"

I became impotent four or five years ago. I'm taking vitamins & herbs and even Viagra doesn't help. What could be the cause and cure?


Hi - What I am getting about this is that in another life you were abused, and there is still some hatred going on for you regarding this. My information said that you need to let go of karma and start trusting. There are two potent issues going on that could be affecting you in this way as well. The first is the issue of emotional dependency. Does that resonate with you? Who or what are you dependent on instead of being your own source of power? Emotional dependency can = impotency (lack of power from the Self) on other levels.

Secondly, the issue of family rejection is showing up. It is important that you read Caroline Myss's book 'Anatomy of the Spirit' to help you with all of these issues. There is something there that will help you. Pay special attention to information regarding the 2nd chakra, which deals with issues of emotional and sexual energy.

The olive green pomander Aura-Soma essence for courage would be a good support for you while dealing with this. Also using the turquoise quintesence, the Maha Chohan essence which helps to encourage positive qualities and to release feelings that need to be expressed would be great for you. You can order these at Aura-Soma USA. Their number is (830) 935-2355.

I also invite you to take a good mineral supplement - if you are low on minerals, this can affect sexual potency. Usually these come in liquid form. And get your thyroid checked out by a good naturopathic oriented chiropractor.

Blessings, Ayal

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