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"How can I best bring light into the world?"

Hello....I really like this energy of being an example the best way to share this light?? I have been experiencing this lately as I realize that words can help a little but actions are the key...only when we or others are open can much of anything occur...words do not cause this.


Hi - You are right that, ultimately, the best way to offer anyone something useful is to embody that in yourself - to unselfconsciously, without ego, radiate the qualities of light and love, truth, beauty, non-attachment, harmony, balance, and many others, is the surest way to affect someone positively. That is truly being a beacon of light on the planet.

A lamp post doesn't have to say anything, but by its wonderful and needed light, others can see the way forward, and they won't stumble in the darkness. All of us love to be around someone like that, someone who has evolved enough that they have brought those qualities into their being. It feels great to be with them - like basking in sunlight.

Baba Hari Dass is someone like that. His teacher gave him this advice when he was but a small boy studying the way to enlightenment in the jungles of India. "Don't ever ask anyone to come; don't ever push anyone away; and don't talk." Baba Hari Dass has been silent for over 65 years, and to sit in his presence is a miraculous thing. He doesn't pull at you from any ego needs of his own. He doesn't push you away out of any ego needs. His ego doesn't create any barriers between himself and others. He has no expectations. He just is. And you feel that Love. It is unconditional and non-attached.

However, there is also a place for words. Words can be instruments that plant seeds for knowledge and creation, as well as destruction.

Have you ever had the experience of someone saying something to you in just the right way, at just the right moment, that a light bulb went off for you, and you understood it so deeply that a shift in consciousness occurred for you? You got it, and your life was profoundly moved to a new level? When someone is tuned in enough that their timing is impeccable, when they have asked permission on all levels: of God, of another's soul, and universal consciousness, that it is appropriate and right at that moment to offer words of wisdom or insight to another, amazing things can happen. But it takes a total lack of ego, of any need to prove yourself, or to show what you know. It takes a lack of any attachment to want to change another, or judge another - it takes an inner knowing of what note to play, so to speak, in the cosmic symphony, at just the right moment. Then what is offered is part of the Divine Plan, and it is wonderful, and can have unseen, but far reaching consequences. And that takes selflessness and attunement - an analogy would be the earth knowing what ingredient is needed at a given moment for the growth and well being of a plant in its life cycle, and offering it just because that is what she does. So, thank you for your insight into the nature of true giving. You are on the right track.

Best wishes, Ayal

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