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"How can I help with my teenage daughter's instability?"

Hello Ayal,

I was very pleased to find your Question and Answer page so interesting!

I have a question regarding my children. All my children are "high-needs" youngsters, but the eldest is the most troubling at this point. My daughter, 12 years of age, has always been difficult; she is also very strong-willed and demanding. She was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 8 but we tried to avoid medicating her for several years. My preference was to follow more holistic paths but nothing seemed to help much. We were eventually coerced by several teachers and pediatricians into trying her on Ritalin, which caused her episodes of violence and self-destructive behavior. She was promptly taken off this and urged to try anti-depressants, which we have also refused for some years, and have not yet tried.

Now she is at a major milestone in her life (just reaching puberty) and is doing very poorly in school, although all her teachers say she is bright and charming - but that she cannot focus or fails to complete much of her work. She reads at a high-school level, grasps concepts some adults have trouble with, and by all accounts seems able to perform much better than she has been. Her SAT scores and other testing show her among the brightest in her age group/class level in the country. Lately I am almost overwhelmed by her mood swings and failure or refusal to cooperate with either her family or teachers. Her self-discipline, while never optimum, is going downhill very quickly - to the point of being a danger to her younger siblings. I feel there must be something less tangible than diet, medication, etc., that may be interfering here. I was hoping you might have some insight into this.


Hello -

The first thing that showed up for your daughter was eating patterns. There is a great book out called Is this Your Child?, written by an MD, and it may have some answers for you. In the book, she says that at least 50% of all cases diagnosed as ADHD are severe allergic reactions and dietary difficulties.

The other thing that showed up was ancestral patterns, programming that has been passed down through the generations. Energy work is needed for this. The issues that showed up were: (1) feeling discarded, (2) being hasty, (3) feeling perturbed - nervousness, (4) owning our femininity, (5) losing one's cool, (6) spiritual confusion and frustration So, the first thing is to make a connection to these issues. A way to release them is as follows: have her think or feel each issue, one at a time. Have her focus on where she feels it in her body, how it feels, etc. Maybe only do one issue, about every 3 weeks. For each issue there is a format to release it. Here it is:

(1) For feeling discarded: have her feel the issue, be with it for about 5-6 minutes, (or for as long as she can concentrate on it), allow her to focus on it, with the intention set at the beginning to be released from it. Then have her rub her right brow diagonally, from the tip of the eyebrow, by the bridge of the nose, up to the forehead, at the hairline (about 2-3 inches from outer side of head) at a diagonal angle. Do this until some change or release is experienced - can be a sigh, etc.

(2) For being hasty: same thing.

(3) Feeling perturbed: same thing.

(4) Owning femininity: focus, then rub brow, reversed diagonal on the left; so, she rubs from the top of the forehead on the left, 2-3 inches from the side of the head at the hairline, down at a diagonal angle to the tip of the eyebrow by the bridge of the nose.

(5) Losing cool: focus, then rub left brow diagonally - start at the eyebrow tip, by the bridge of the nose, and go up at a diagonal angle to the forehead.

(6) Confusion & frustration: focus, then rub at the same time, using both hands, on the right and left sides, going up at a diagonal angle from tip of eyebrows to forehead.

Hopefully this will help. This can be repeated whenever it seems the issue is up. My information said that about 50% of her energy has been caught up in the past, with these ancestral patterns. As Caroline Myss says in her book Why People Don't Heal, we can't heal if we have our energy stuck in the past.

Good luck. Ayal

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