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"I feel some energy attached to me - how can I get rid of it?"

Dear Ayal, I feel some energy attached to me. It has taken various forms to harass me. I feel a cold whiff around the area of my forehead and my hands, as well as a tickling sensation. Sometimes it gets wild and violent, starting to bite me on some spots on my body. My girlfriend has been having that for ten years, though presently at a lower degree. I AM REALLY DESPERATE ABOUT IT. Any help or piece of advice will be greatly appreciated.


Hi. Sounds as if you both need to have someone who can remove negative entities from your space do some work with you. I know of someone who is a very high level healer who can do this. If you are interested, I'll send you her phone number, and you can call her to set up an appointment. Or, you can contact the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. They have shamanic practitioners also, I'm sure, who can deal with this.

In the meantime, you can call upon the Christ and the Archangel Michael and his legion of angels to clear this. Light some white candles, call upon these Higher beings of Love and Light, and ask for the removal of any negative energy in and around your space, within yourself, etc., to be taken back to where they belong. It's best to call Michael's name 3 times. Afterwards, surround yourself with white light, like a glowing coccoon of light. Lower astral entities are attracted to anger and fear. I'd invite you to check out whether or not you are radiating these energies yourself and if so, you can choose to come from a different level of vibration. Some inner clearing work may be necessary. It may be that there is simply some discarnate being who is unable to find it's way and is trying to get some help and attention. If so, the archangel Michael can help. If you still find that this situation persists, you can contact a practitioner who can work with you directly, as I mentioned above.

You can also often clear the space by using Epsom salt and 100% proof Ever Clear whisky. Get an iron skillet. Put about a cup of Epsom salts in it, then pour a capful or so of Ever Clear on it and light it (carefully). There will be a small flame produced. Walk all around your home with it, and smudge yourself by having someone walk the skillet around your body, front and back, as you would use a smudge stick. This form of smudging clears both lower negative notes and higher negative notes of vibration.

Best wishes, Ayal

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