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"Seeking help with healing particular chakras"

Dear Ayal -

I am wondering if you can help me to explore further the lessons of spirit which I have been struggling with for some time. These lessons have involved the outer expression of health problems related principally to the base and second chakras. At present I find myself experiencing many indications in the outer world that there is another level of healing to be discovered through these current experiences and in this I seek your help.


Hi - It would be good for you to read Caroline Myss's book Anatomy of the Spirit, if you have not done so already. She is one of the most profound healers/medical intuitives around. In this book she goes into great detail about what each chakra deals with emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically, as well as what can manifest physically when a chakra is out of balance.

What I got for you is that it would be good for you to make a connection with the shamanic gatekeeper of the west, which is the Mother Bear. She is the guardian of the gates of healing. You can do this through a visualization or you can find a medicine teacher/healer who offers sweat lodges. If you decide to go the sweat lodge route, which is coming in pretty strong for you, make sure you find a true sweat lodge leader - a Native American person who has been initiated into the ancient ways is what I would invite you to look for.

What also showed up for you is a conflict you are having - a conflict with moral standards. The information I received said that there is a lack of discipline around the senses - eating patterns, as well as a lack of discipline in exploring your sexuality/sensuality. You may want to explore where this conflict comes from. Therapy or support can often help us with deep or confusing issues.

Good luck as you continue your healing journey. Best wishes, Ayal

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