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"Does Holosync achieve the same results as Clearing the Way?"

Hello Ayal,

Is the 'Clearing the Way' approach of intellectual analysis and the working out of one's negative perceptions compatible with the 'Holosync' process?

Since the 'Holosync' process says it will move your brain into a higher vibrational pattern, thereby dropping away unwanted negative behaviors and emotions associated with the lower vibrations, does this approach not solve the problem that the 'Clearing the Way' system also seeks to solve?


Hi - I am not familiar with the Holosync process you mention. In some ways, I guess one could say that the approach used in Clearing the Way is intellectual, in that first one needs to see what issue or belief pattern in the mind is operating. However, in order to change that belief pattern, one must then turn to the heart, or the feeling side of our nature. It is only when we use the energy of the heart, our God Self, that we create new patterns or new energy. The heart is where all creation comes from. It is emotion (E-motion, or energy put into motion) that moves thought into manifestation. When we feel something strongly, that is when we create.

So, I would say that the approach used in Clearing the Way is a combination of both mind and heart. First we identify the thought, recognize the emotion behind the thought, then we choose what we would rather create, and what we would rather feel. We set the goal, or what we are choosing to manifest, how we are choosing to be in this life, but then we turn the details of how it will manifest over to Spirit. In that way, Clearing the Way is very much an approach that calls for trust and surrendering to the power of the Divine, or Creative Force of the Universe.

Thanks for your e-mail.

Blessings, Ayal

A note from Peter, who runs the trans4mind site:
David, I have been doing the Holosync program for some years and I also recommend the program to my students. Holosync does, as you describe, help very much to open up the previously closed down parts of our being, and therefore to "clear the way" for new insights. The Holosync process works in the deep subconscious and often brings up feelings and beliefs that we need to re-assess. I therefore consider it an ideal complement to my courses that provide the tools for that re-assessment and also to Ayal's Clearing the Way process of examining core beliefs. I believe you'll find the combination works just fine!

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