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"I need basic sex information before I make a serious mistake"

Hey wussup,

Well I guess my menstrual cycle is affected by how I eat, because I have been eating out of my time. You know, like I haven't been right well - I just got my menstrual! I was relieved as I thought there was really something wrong with me.

Also I wanna ask you, it's really weird asking you this question but, oh well, I wanna know! When would be the best time to have sex? Before I always said to myself, if I do it there is a chance of getting aids and getting pregnant. But sometimes I'm in a stage of I just wanna have sex. I can't stop how I'm feeling. How do I prevent this from happening??? Do you have any tips for me? Thankz :)


Hi - it sounds as if you need to do some good research and reading up on sexuality, a woman's menstrual time, when one can get pregnant, how to protect yourself from illness, etc, before you do anything that can really hurt yourself and your life. It's fine to have sex, if you are mature enough to handle it and know what you are doing. I can't give you all of that information here. However, there are classes on birth control you can take - there is a lot of information out there about this that it is crucial for you to know and have. Having sex, getting pregnant, or possibly contracting a fatal illness are huge things to think about and be concerned about in one's life, so I am glad that you are wanting to get information on it. Please check in with your local hospital or clinic about where you can take classes or get information on this. Then, when you have knowledge, you can make good decisions that won't hurt your life.


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