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"My friend is seeing faces in the night!"

Ayal, my friend has been experiencing the same frightening phenomena repeatedly. †Tonight I ran into her room because she was screaming. †She has told me before that these faces come at her smiling and one man had a box or gift in his hands but she didn't take it and he disappeared. †I was really beginning to worry about her but I wanted to see if I could find someone or something on this subject. Please let me know what you have experienced.


Hi - all throughout history, people have had contact with beings who exist on other planes of reality. In all tribal and aboriginal cultures, this was an important, valued, sacred, and totally accepted part of their lives. In most western cultures, we have denied this as even being a reality and left it to church authorities to tell us what is considered acceptable as a spiritual experience. Churches usually set it up that the head of the church is the only one who has direct contact with 'God' or Spirit. Therefore, when someone does have their own connection to the spirit world, they are disavowed or considered crazy, and this makes people afraid and unprepared for the experience. I believe that we all must have our own connection to Spirit. We can share this in a group, if we choose to do that, but our connection to God is our own and must be experienced first hand.

I would advise your friend to get a tape from a metaphysical bookstore that deals with meeting your spirit guides. I myself love it when I have a vision or connection to my spirit guides, or the angelic realm, or even with the devas and fairies. It's just another level of existence with beings who are having an experience not in the same form or density of matter that we, as humans, are having. What your friend may want to do is ask and intend that only those beings of the highest vibration of Love visit her, and if and when she does see something, she can ask that she be shown whether or not whoever she is seeing is of a clear and loving vibration, for her highest good. Then she can relax and open to conversing with them, and she will probably have an incredible experience.

Blessings, Ayal

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