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"How can I be of service to humanity and become a healer?"

Dear Ayal

Greetings and thank you for offering such a wonderful service! I would like to be of service to humanity and become a healer as you are. Can you please offer me some direction.

Peace be with you


Hi - the most important thing about any direction that you choose to pursue in your life is to do what brings you joy. If you follow your heart, all will turn out great. To follow a healing path, my suggestion is that you check out various healing methods - get some sessions for yourself, and see which one really calls to you. First we begin by undertaking our own healing. Then we have something authentic to offer others because we have learned firsthand through our own profound journey. You can check out different options available through any high level magazine. Often your area will have a local alternative healing newspaper also where you can see what's offered. There will also be classes advertised, or healing courses available to take, etc.

Blessings, Ayal

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