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"I've lost my brothers and sister and feel in a time warp"

My dear Ayal,

I lost my big three brothers, two of them in three months. My sister is dying. We are coping. I feel I'm in a time warp. Please help, thank you.

God bless


Hi - Many people may be deciding to leave the planet now. Supposedly, there will be many intense changes coming in the next 10 years, and many souls are choosing not to go through that experience, I think. I know that it is so painful to lose those you love, and it is important that you allow yourself to feel your grief. Stay in touch with your feelings. Be careful not to suppress them, or the pain you feel, or go numb. Let yourself feel whatever it is that you need to feel. That is a tremendous amount of loss to be experiencing in a short amount of time. You may find that having someone safe and less involved than family members to talk to about your feelings, a counselor, perhaps, will be very important and necessary for you during this time. I invite you to look into that and get the support you need.

I've also enclosed an article written by a man who died and then came back to life, and he describes the death experience and what happens, in a wonderful way. It may help you to read it.

Click here to read the article by Mellen-Thomas Benedict

Many blessings, Ayal

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