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"I have this same issue of insecurity in relationship"

Hi Ayal

I just read your your article about insecurity in relationship and it makes me think about mine.

I have been living with a man for close to a year now. He has given me no reason to believe he is being unfaithful. We have bought a home together, which he has paid 90% for. He is warm, loving and generous.

My problem is that I can't fully trust he will stay with me or that he won't find someone he wants more, even though he assures me that is not the case.

Now, I know this is my issue. Even though I lapse at times, mostly I assume 100% responsibility for my insecurity. I have sought therapy on several occasions, and have stuck with them. (This has been an issue in previous relationships as well.) To date I have little relief from this very debilitating condition. I'm afraid I will ruin this relationship, as he can only take so much of this.

Please help me - I'm really quite desperate at this point.


Hi - the balance of your male energy is off. There is an issue of desertion, big time, that you need to clear. Use the formula for changing a core belief, the belief that you will be deserted, in the Laws of the Universe. Remember, feeling what you desire to change it to, feeling that sense of security and trust, self generating that feeling strongly within yourself, is what moves the energy into manifestation. Because you believe so strongly that you will be deserted, you think that this affection shouldn't be, and so this belief begins to sabotage the relationship and any trust you might begin to grow. You feel incredibly anxious. As you clear up the issue of desertion, the anxiety will heal as well. Read Caroline Myss's book Anatomy of the Spirit, focusing especially on the 2nd and 6th chakra information. Important info there for you. Your sexual organs need some physical attention, which goes along with the 2nd chakra healing.

It is also imporant that you release blame and guilt. There is some hatred going on - I think it may have to do with a friend - was there a time when you felt deserted by a friend? Read the Laws of the Universe until you understand what you created that experience for - what lesson are you here to get from having had a belief in desertion and creating that in your life? Time to own and accept yourself as the Creator and not the victim. Until you choose to do that, healing won't happen.

Also, use these 2 Aura-Soma products. They will help you shift this energy.

1) the red pomander for grounding of purpose and rejuvenation

2) the Lady Portia quintessence - pale gold - for judge not, lest ye be judged (victim consciousness)- brings mercy and compassion, and a return to balance.

Blessings, Ayal

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