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"How do I 'hear' the guidance of my soul?"

Hello Ayal...

I am writing to you in the midst of confusion...

Certain events have occured in my life in order for me to wake up to my path...

I learned about being the creator...about choice...etc.

I am trying to make my way through and am having a hard time "hearing" guidance of my soul, or perhaps not understanding how I can accomplish what I hear, and if what I hear is meant for my immediate future...

After a journey into darkness, I saved myself and have been pursuing the light :-)

I am continuously hearing...take me home...take me home...

I hear San Francisco...I also hear he wants to be with you...(I've been moving on from a relationship with my twin flame)...

I am having a hard time getting any the moment, I don't have the funds...I just wish I could understand where my soul wants me to be...or what it wants me to know...

Any advice would be wonderful! I thank you!


Hi - well, I think that the first thing that you need to do is get your external environment clear. To do this, put about a cup of epsom salt in an iron frying pan, pour about a capful of 100% ever clear whiskey on it, and then light it (carefully). Walk around your home carrying the frying pan - you'll probably need to carry it with hot pads - if the flame goes out before you have finished smudging, add a little more ever clear and relight it. You want to smudge the phones, the closets, every corner, etc., carefully, as this is a flame you'll be carrying around. Also, smudge yourself by moving the pan up and down in front of you

Next, I invite you to call in the Archangel Michael - it's good to call him in by saying his name 3 times - and ask him to clear any negative entities in your space or around you. You can also facilitate this process by running (visualizing) the white light of Christ Consciousness through your body, beginning at your head and running it all the way to your feet and then into the earth. I suggest you do this process 3 times.

It is important, in order to hear true inner guidance that comes from the highest source, that you keep your space clear. I invite you to meditate, after clearing your space with white light, every day for 20 minutes minimum, in the morning and evening. Also, continue to smudge with the epsom salt and ever clear as you feel it is needed. When you meditate, state that you are willing to only receive the highest guidance from your Highest Truth and that you are not influenced by any negative energy or programming which could keep you from your optimum level of clarity.

Blessings, Ayal

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