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"I'm struggling financially - what could be the cause?"

Hi Ayal,

I have a question regarding my financial situation. It seems that as soon as I got married 6 1/2 years ago, I have been struggling financially. Before this time, I never experienced any financial difficulties. I keep thinking there must be some sense of lack that I feel, but I can't figure it out. I have gone back and thought about the lessons that I have learned from all of my struggles and I feel that I am ready to move on. I just keep wondering why this situation seems to be present in my life and maybe there is a lesson that I'm not seeing clearly. I would appreciate any feedback that you may have. Thank you so much.


Hi - As always, with any information one gets from another, it's important to check it out to see if it resonates and feels like truth to you. Here is the info I got for you.

There are some feelings of hopelessness going on for you. You are strongly desiring some sort of change. Victim/dominator issues showed up. Are you feeling victimized in some way? You mentioned that since you got married, your financial situation changed. How do you feel in your marriage? Are you happy? Do you feel a lack anywhere, or less than who you really are in some way? Do you feel discarded in any way? Are there conflicts or struggles in your marriage that would manifest as struggle in terms of your not having enough energy (money)? Do you feel as if you are struggling to survive, or to create what you need in some way? Is there tolerance and acceptance in your marriage?

These are questions to pursue. Money is a symbolic representation of energy, of our ability to love ourselves and take care of ourselves, to give ourselves what we need. To create. When we are feeling good about ourselves, we feel creative and alive, and we are able to manifest what we need more easily. I think the key word here for you is struggle. Find out where else you are struggling in your life, and I think you will unlock the money issue. If you can, get hold of the Goddess Oracle Cards and the book that goes with them. Look up Changing Woman. There may be something there for you.

Best wishes, Ayal

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