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"I feel split between my financial and spiritual needs"

Dear Ayal,

This is Vijay from Roorkee, India. I read you on the Net and I'm really impressed. I think only you can help me to find a solution to my problem.

My problem is my DUAL PERSONALITY. I need not only financial prosperity but also spiritual prosperity, that's why I'm always confused and tense. I have achieved nothing in my life to date, but my ambition and plans are aimed too high. I daydream a lot also. I cannot concentrate on one thing, never. Please help me to get peace of mind, concentration, prosperity.


Well, first of all, you do not have a dual personality. Our lives consist of many parts that all have their place, and all of who we are needs to be honored. That is why there are different chakras which deal with specific and various parts of our lives, but they all combine to make us one integrated, whole being. If you deny one part of yourself, that causes difficulties. We are here on this planet to experience many different things. We are here also in a physical body - we are energy beings inhabiting a body. To disregard the body and what it desires to experience and only focus on the spiritual doesn't work, as the body is part of who we are as spiritual beings in this life. Therefore, we honor it and take good care of it. We must honor all of ourselves and all of our needs.

We are here to experience life by being in this body - and that means we create the energy we need, in the form of money or whatever else is needed, to create interesting, stimulating, and growth inducing experiences. That's what this journey is all about - God, in the form of each of us, getting a chance to learn and grow and play and gather new information through having new experiences. So, you create whatever you need in order to do that. It is important to be abundant in all areas of our lives, spiritually as well as financially. God's abundance includes everything, right?

Instead of daydreaming, which implies that you can only wish for something but not ever have it - accept the knowledge that you are here as God to create whatever it is that you choose to experience for yourself. Daydreaming is wishful thinking, but nothing manifests from it because by it's nature it implies that it's only something you wish for but can never have. That comes from denying it to yourself and thinking that having it is impossible or wrong. And, if you think that you aren't allowed to have something, such as financial prosperity, then all you can do IS dream about it because you have made it something out of reach and forbidden. It isn't forbidden. It's part of the play if that's what you choose to experience in this lifetime. It's up to you to state what it is that you choose to experience. Nothing is right or wrong. It's all simply experiences that we learn from. You need to allow yourself to create whatever it is that you choose. So, stop day dreaming about it, and go out and create it!! Allow yourself to have it!!

Read about how we create our own reality in the Laws of the Universe. Let go of your former misunderstanding of what it's all about, and allow yourself to understand it differently, without blaming anyone or yourself for possibly giving you other information that didn't work.

Blessings, Ayal.

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