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"How to become a healer"

Dear Ayal-

What can I do to learn more, to progress, to bring forth my light to reach more people? Thank you from my heart.


Hi -

As I asked for an answer to your question, I was guided to look up something in the Angelic Messenger Card Book. I quote for you what it said:

"Your guidance is to believe in your own emerging feelings and capabilities and to accept that the future you want will emerge only as you see the ways in which you are already doing your healing work. You are asked to take heart and to believe in yourself as a healer with the God-given capacity to engage your eyes, your hands, and your heart to be of service.

Healing means more than reaching out and touching someone, although this act does produce physical and emotional healing. Healing is the process of revitalizing yourself and other living things through divine love. When you seek to heal yourself you are really asking to become aware of the influence you exert on others and they on you and your life.

The path of the spiritual searcher, which is to be a healer in some form, is first to experience personally the mystical opening to God and then to allow this wisdom to flow out into the world as a healing agent. Because you are already experiencing God in some way, you are seeking to allow your healing potential to become known to others in order to use your abilities to improve conditions on or within the earth.

Love is the energy of the Divine. Whenever it is invoked or even allowed to be drawn into your relationships, both people and other living things benefit. Whenever you contribute love to any situation or relationship, you are not only healing yourself and are contributing to your planet a lasting effect of love and sustained peace.

Love is the common denominator of all living experiences. When you apply love without judgment or expectation, you always produce a healing result....As you awaken your love as a planetary being, you will feel increasing passion to alleviate the plight of other living things. This is good, and will ultimately be the means of healing Earth."

Here is an exercise as advised also in the Angelic Messenger Card Book to use for being of service and healing to self and to others:

Close your eyes and imagine that your spirit is a brilliant white star. Now, in your mind's eye, place this white star on any part of your physical body or any part of the physical Earth that needs healing. Imagine that this perfect reflection of divine love is pulsating with love, pumping it into that organ or into that country or into that hurting place on the Earth.

Imagery is effective in moving the energy of love to various needed locations. You can perform this exercise any time you see something or someone who needs help.

I feel your passion already alive and well to help others, Mary. Good luck as you continue on your path.

Blessings, Ayal

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