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"Balancing masculine and feminine"

Dear Ayal-

What can someone do about unwanted hair growth? I get it on my face, chest, neck, even my breast!


There are various treatments for unwanted hair growth, such as electrolysis or hormonal therapy. Often this situation can also be corrected through various forms of homeopathic or chiropractic work. However, when I tuned in to you specifically, these therapies did not show up. Instead, there was an underlying issue that seems to be causing this, and this is the information I received.

This issue seems to be connected to your relationship with your mother. From the information that came in, what was presented was that your mother did not feel that she had a right to exist. She did not know how to stand up for herself. You saw this and felt angry towards her for that, and perhaps saw the Feminine energy as something you did not want to be, something that you could not trust, something that seemed anti-life. Because of that, your system activated the more masculine energy in you, which you saw as more powerful and able to give you life force energy, which the Feminine, in your view, could not do. Therefore you grew hair.

This sounds strange, so I triple checked it, and the same information presented itself. Our psyches can do amazing things. However, when what we have chosen unconsciously becomes conscious, we can work with it, if it feels appropriate to do so. It is important to understand that whatever we create, we do so as a strategy to protect and take care of ourselves as best as we know how at the time. So, it would be a good thing to thank this energy that was put into creating masculine attributes for you, to let it know that you appreciate the job it did to take care of you. Then, allow it to be released so that you can utilize that energy to create what you need to take care of yourself in a different way now.

This is the primary information that I received. We all must, of course, decide for ourselves if any information given rings true for us or not.

What showed up, also, for you was to cut any psychic cords connecting you to your mother and to this perception of the Feminine, cords that may keep you tied into believing this view of the Feminine.

A good way to cut cords to a person is to scan your body with your inner vision and see if you sense any cord-like energy going from you to them. If you do, imagine or visualize taking a scissors and gently, but firmly, psychically cut the cord, sending your mother's energy back to her with love and allowing your energy to come back to you with love. Seal the ends of the cord with a white light. You can also do this with a belief. Picture or think of the belief, such as not trusting the Feminine energy, and see, or sense, how much of your energy is invested into believing that - how much of your energy feeds that belief. Do the same imagined, visual image, cutting those cords with a scissors, and call that energy back into your body from that belief or perception. Then you are free to create a new belief that will serve you better.

It would be helpful to look for positive Feminine role models, women who are strong and whole. As you tune into and seek to understand the true energy of the Feminine, the goddess energy - the power of creation, you will incorporate it into your own being. Perhaps as you work with this, the imbalance in your system will right itself, and you will feel safe enough, trusting enough, to manifest in your body more balanced Feminine energy. You may also find that this is the first layer to deal with, and as you do so, you may be led to other therapies that will help you

Best wishes, Ayal

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