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"How can I heal my heart chakra?"

Hello - I was wandering if you can heal my heart chakra. I know that at one point it was weak from a past experience and I got a rose quartz to help, and it does help but for a little while. I was wondering if you can help me do something longer lasting for my heart chakra?


Hi - Well, here are some things that are showing up for you that would be helpful.

1) Begin reaffirming yourself - that means turn any negative statements you may make or say or think about yourself into positive ones. Use the "I AM________" formula (see Question 110 for more about this technique).

2) Do a shamanic journey to find your power animal, or medicine ally. Contact the Foundation for Shamanic Studies to find a class they offer on this near you. Once you have your power animal, I would invite you to contact it through doing a shamanic journey oh, about every 6 days or so.

3) Order and use the yellow Aura-Soma pomander which is an antidote for nervousness and negative thoughts. It brings back clarity and courage, laughter, and sparkle into life.

4) Order and use the ruby red quintessence Aura-Soma which brings in unconditional love, caring and a new degree of compassion.

5) Do this exercise to repair the aura; put your arms out to the sides with your elbows bent and the rest of your arms straight up so that your arms each make an "L" shape. Fingers are closed. Put one thumb inside with the other closed fingers, and one thumb outside of the closed fingers. Then change them around, so that the thumb that was inside is now outside, and the thumb that was out is inside. Keep alternating your thumbs, keeping your arms like that for 1 minute.

6) You have a strong reaction to fear. Learn to see fear in a different way. Whenever you feel fear, allow yourself to remember that fear is never real. See it just blowing away on the breeze, like a dandelion puff, or say to yourself: "Only Love is Real. This fear I am feeling isn't real. It's only an illusion." Then invoke, or call to yourself, remember, the feeling of Love. Say to yourself: "I choose to feel, and remember, only that which is Real." And then take a deep breath, and open your heart, letting that breath go deep inside your heart, and smile. Keep breathing deep into your heart. See how often throughout the day you can gently remember to do that.

7) There are beliefs showing up that you carry about feeling "cheapened" and "deprived". Use the formula for changing core beliefs in the Laws of the Universe to change any belief you have that you have been cheapened, or feel less than, not valued, or soiled in some way, into its opposite. What is the opposite of feeling cheapened? Can you choose to believe in that instead? Do the same with the feeling or sense of being deprived of love. What is the opposite of that? Can you allow yourself to remember what that feels like? What would it feel like to carry that around in your heart, instead?

8) There is an issue of embarrassment showing up. That means you feel ashamed of yourself in some way. Shame is not Love. Shame says you didn't do it good enough, or aren't good enough. Therefore, feeling ashamed or embarrassed can't be real. Since you are God, does god have anything to be ashamed of? Play around with that, too, as you read the Laws of the Universe information.

You may also want to read the article 'Through the Light' about an amazing death experience we added to this site, that talks about this man's journey into the heart of the Light, or Divine Consciousness, and what he discovered about who we really are. It's pretty incredible and wonderful. That information definitely heals the heart chakra.

Blessings, Ayal

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