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Ayal Hurst


My name is Ayal Hurst, and I am the founder and co-creator, along with my husband Hawk, of Homestead Retreat, a beautiful and magical retreat and healing center near Asheville, NC. We heard once that this land, centuries ago, was used by the Native American people who lived here, as a special gathering place, a place where people came to be in peace together, to find healing, and it seems that we were called here to do the same thing. The story of how we found this land is very magical - read more on my site. And please feel free to visit my blog, Stories from Homestead Retreat.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Soul Retrieval - an ancient Shamanic healing technique that restores an individual's life force by healing the effects of soul loss. Soul loss is a loss of life energy caused by trauma or various forms of abuse. When a person experiences soul loss, they may feel numb, apathetic, not all here, unable to function or move forward after a difficult experience or illness. Soul retrieval is a profound healing technique that is now resurfacing in the modern world.
  • Flower Essence Therapy - a gentle but powerful healing therapy found to restore emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. Remedies are made specifically for an individual to enhance personal evolution, or to help one move through a difficult issue or phase of life. By working on the emotional, spiritual, or mental levels, physical manifestations of illness can often be avoided.
  • Ancestral Pattern Release Work - a healing method that allows an individual to disconnect from unworkable family patterns, belief systems, or programs that have been passed down through the generations. These programs may be conscious or unconscious, but they can be explored and transformed so that a person is able to create workable and healthy life patterns, relationships, and beliefs of their own choosing.
  • Past Life Healing - a healing technique that works with unfinished lessons, themes, relationships, and issues from past lives which are continuing to cause stress or difficulty in a present life. When an unresolved issue is understood and completed, an individual is able to be in present time, no longer continuing old, unworkable patterns. One is able to move forward in life with greater clarity, ease, and creativity. Past Life Regression is involved. well as Polarity Therapy and Reiki Healing. I am well versed in the many options the alternative healing world has to offer, as well as in various meditation practices, and I am impartial as to which would work best for a given individual. I ask my Highest Guidance for whatever method would be most helpful in a particular situation.

In Clearing the Way, I offer an alternative healing question-and-answer page in which people write in and state the issue or problem they are dealing with. I answer them, offering various alternative healing options/therapies to look into and/or possible personal issues to look at. I feel that this can be beneficial to many who are not sure of what steps to take in their personal healing journey. Having gone through my own personal healing crises for the past 2 years, wherein I have worked intensely and diligently on all levels to heal a life threatening condition which doctors said was impossible to heal, I know how important it is not only to have someone who understands and can offer hope, but who can also offer possible directions and options to follow. In order to find my own healing, I have discovered and worked through terrain I did not know existed or was even possible to travel through, and the "impossible" condition is being healed. I do not state that any therapy or advice given is a cure all or any guarantee. Information is offered and qualified simply as possible directions to look into.

Below are testimonials from various people I have worked with:

"Thank you for your time and loving help. You are wonderfully skilled. The wholesomeness of your energy instills trust, faith, courage."
Barry Gamow, photographer

"Ayal's gift is a laser-like attunement, deep and true."
Cheryl Hardy, writer

"Thanks for tuning in. I'll try some of those remedies.
You honed right in on my issues."


"Ayal, thank you very much for your encouraging words, your insights and the "how-to" of spirit retrieval. Your reply is wonderful and reassuring."
Love and blessings, Lynne

"Just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your site. Your insights have been extremely helpful and I marvel at how generously you give of your time and talents. Thank you for sharing your gifts and many blessings to you and your family in the New Year."

"I really want to thank you again for your care kindness and generosity to send me more information. It is so helpful! It is in fact what I have been searching for a long time without knowing where to or even how to name it. It's such a high stuff that I really have to work hard to get at it. I am going about your letter very slowly, reflectively and meditatively. There is so much to digest and absorb. I don't want to miss any thing good, anything that is within my reach. Thank you so much again for consecrating your precious time to write to me. Your work is a very powerful seed which will bear long lasting fruit in due season. May all the benevolent powers of the Universe give you back many fold the good you do to people like me."
Belamaxe Maxlhaieie, Rome, Italy

"Ayal, You have an amazing ability to hit the nail on the head. I knew this issue to be one that has had it's hold on me but the resolve had me puzzled. This issue goes way back... The thought that I could work on it myself through meditation is comforting... I was not sure how to go about dealing with this one. I will start today and do the work. I SO want to clear the way. Love you so much and thank you, thank you, thank you."

"I consider Ayal to be a very powerful healer/medicine woman. She has helped me in so many ways over the years. Anything at all that you are wondering about, having a hard time with, struggling with, you can ask her about. She is very good and gives recommendations of things you can actually do... she tunes in and receives great insight into your soul... her main purpose is to promote healing... what ways are best for you as an individual to heal/work through issues."

"Ayal, I just had to tell you how powerfully Spiritual you are and what a Presence you hold. No one can come close to your wisdom and direction."
Ginger Sweeney, animal rehabilitator

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