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How to Handle Your Sudden Lump Sum?

Do you buy lottery ticket every day with the hope of earning a lump sum one day? If yes, have you ever thought of what you are going to do with this extra-large amount of money? Here are some tips to help you handle it.

There is nothing better than the feeling that you have won a lottery jackpot. The more amounts of digits, the more joyful you are. However, there is one thing that you only know if you get an unexpected sum of money: stress. The stress-related disorder you may suffer is called “Sudden Wealth Syndrome.”

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Sudden Wealth Syndrome

Sudden Wealth Syndrome makes you stressful.

In fact, the greater money you receive, the more stressful you are. And if you pay attention to a lottery, you may at least hear the stories about the lottery winners who finally end up going broke. Therefore, knowing how to keep and grow your wealth is a necessary skill, showing that you are responsible for your life and your money.

Count the sum you receive

The really first step is to count the money. You should spend time counting it on your own instead of with someone else. Also, take your time to read every article which is associated with the windfall carefully so that you can avoid doing the same stupid things. There will be a lot of legal gobbledygook and fine print that can make you confused. Don’t give up any of these pieces of papers but read through them all.

While reading, remember to highlight all the terms or areas that you do not understand. It might be a little bit difficult for people who are not specified in the financial sector to understand the key terms, but it is for your own sake so try to. You can either ask someone who is financial professional or use the Internet to research terms and areas or situations. One thing you need to keep in mind is that never give out your name or other identification. And now, you are ready for the next step.

Have a professional team

Sudden Wealth Syndrome

Hire professional financial consultants with disciplinary backgrounds.

You are not specified in finance, so handling such a huge amount of money can be a little bit confused. This is when you need a competent professional team. This is not too hard. You can start searching in a number of places, including your friends or other professionals like a prestigious accountant you know, tax preparer or even your family member. Before making your decision of who you are going to choose, vet all of these individuals by understanding their disciplinary backgrounds and professional practices.

You can find out more about their practices, for instance, the wealth and complexity of their current clients or some cases and similar clients that they have tackled with. Once again, you must check their background. This step is easy. You can get to know more about the one that is going to be your financial advisor in state bar association, the state board of accountancy, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Also, via the county clerk’s website, type their names and corporate identifiers so that you can get information about liens, foreclosures and judgements. Finally, if you have some more free time, search their names as well as business names and names of the partners on the Internet. Then, read the reviews and you will get a full picture of the person who is going to give you some financial advice. Before hiring any financial professional and sign a contract, be sure that you review the engagement letters and are clear about all the fees.

A comprehensive and life-long plan is necessary

Be careful so as not to be cheated by the advertisements of the financial organizations. Their plans can be cookie-cutter and the solution offered may not be customized as they promote. Of course, we understand that some standardization is good, but, in the end, remember to always put your needs first as your demands are different from others. So, be clear about the amount of income you would like, the life you want to live or what you want to do to your parents, siblings and children, instead of following any other’s plan.

Be more careful

It is sad but true that your sudden wealth will attract new friends and estranged family members may pop out of nowhere. These people just want to get a part of your lump sum, and they may cause some continuous troubles to you. Commonly, many people choose to get themselves paid by the financial advisors instead of keeping them all. This sounds to be good as it will put some distance between you and your family members or friends. Of course, we do not encourage you to take your friends and family aside when you are getting rich, but, trust me, doing so can avoid several troubles caused by the material people.

Sudden Wealth Syndrome

Many lawsuits may arise.

Besides, don’t be too surprised by the ridiculous lawsuits that may arise as the result of your sudden wealth. Depend on the prize money, you will find yourself stuck in some lawsuits as someone want to get a part of your money. That’s fine, just handle them one by one. Also, during that time, possible threats may arise, for instance, a kidnapping. Always put safety, health and wealth of you and your family first.

Avoid overspending

Even if you earn this amount because of your fortune, be responsible for your money. Never make big expenditures until you are comfortable with the advice of financial consultants. Spending money without consideration is so stupid as there are hundreds of thing you need to deal with, including the taxes on the amount gained, the long-term debts that are going to due, your children’s education expenses… It is needed to get advice from your financial consultants on how you are going to spend this money and is there anyway to make this amount bigger overtime.

Don’t just keep them and spend until you find there is nothing left in your pocket. Instead, you can invest in stocks, bonds, property or buy foreign currency, for example, so that your money will move and generates profits.

Coming into a lump sum is anyone’s dream, but there are several problems may arise. Therefore, you need to handle them successfully before enjoying the newfound wealth.

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