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10 Ways To Tell The World You've Lost Interest In Being You

The Path leading to the Life of Truth has long been called difficult because it's thought of as being an all uphill journey. But the True upward Path is inward. And this realization holds a very powerful implication for those daring enough to consider it. For this means that Truth's Path begins and ends within what you already are

This new understanding is of supreme importance for any individual wishing to know God's Life because . . . If the Path to Truth is already in place within us from start to finish. . . then we unnecessarily seek its beginning . . . and struggle in vain to reach its end. But this discovery does not mean that nothing is required of us to make our spiritual ascension. We must be willing to see. And then, in the growing apprehension of what stands before us, within us, voluntarily quit ourselves. A task made possible by our own realization that the only thing possibly obscuring our view is what we've mistaken ourselves as either being or needing. Which brings us to a spiritual finding as timeless as the Quest for Truth itself: Conscious surrender or self-quitting is the upward Path. 

There are two principle ways in which to quit yourself. The first begins with working in the world by learning how to say "Yes" to those moments in your life where all you've ever known to do with them is to not want them. And this practice is a whole study in itself; requiring much insight and willingness to enter unknown, often uncomfortable places within yourself. The second way of self-quitting begins with learning to answer the whole world with "No!" Something that gets easier and easier to do as you see that who you presently are is secretly connected to what the world wants to offer you. Shattering this secret conspiracy is a major part of self-quitting. And it begins with learning to tell the world that you're no longer interested in its empty promises. Begin today telling the world that you're no longer interested in being you. For fast results use the following responses, but the best answers are always your own.

1. You are free to do whatever it is that you want, only don't ask me to want it too.

2. Don't come crying to me about the same thing more than twice.

3. You're going your way and I'm going mine, which means you can stop asking me to come along with you.

4. If our paths ever cross in this life -- of this you may be sure: It will be on Higher ground than where we're standing now. 

5. Don't ask me to listen to your conclusions unless I've asked to hear them.

6. Join yourself to whatever pleases you but don't expect me to join in.

7. Stop trying to share with me what you don't want yourself.

8. I have more important things to do than concern myself with what you say is important for my life. 

9. You may call your fear and hatred anything you like, but don't expect me to be a part of your destructive self-deception.

10. Your whole act is to convince me that you have something I want, but I don't need anything that takes me having to be convinced that I need it.

Guy Finley

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