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Welcome to Trans4mind. We are delighted you have come to visit. Our aim is to bring a heart-centered, scientific and professional approach to personal development, with a large array of resources here at to meet your every need.

We invite you to visit the pages below, which represent our most personal work amongst the resources here at, the Tools for Transformation...


Insights from Wallace & Peter

Want to get the essence of Trans4mind in a few minutes? Peter and Wallace’s selected quotes, commentary and pictures will do the job. Copy and paste them into your emails to brighten a friend’s day.



Articles, videos and audios by Trans4mind founders, Peter Shepherd & Wallace Huey. Imagine if - with the help of personal development - the values of the heart could be brought into our families, communities and businesses... what kind of a world would this create?

Peter and Nicole
Peter is the founder of back in 1997, the foundation of which was his book, ‘Transforming the Mind.’ This page contains his replies to many questions that have been asked by site visitors over the years.
Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby interviews Peter Shepherd in July 2020 about how the Trans4mind site came into being and why:

Raise Your Vibration
This is something Peter put together that is close to his heart. It's a free daily meditation program to help you make the state of unconditional love an integrated part of your life, which is key to lasting joy and fulfillment.
Plus check out Your Inner Truth, a phenomenal range of journaling tools to help you find the truth of your situation. You may feel stressed, or confused, there may be a lot going on and choices to make that seem a bit overwhelming. Or you may simply need time with yourself, to decide what is it you really want... and just who are you, really?

Wallace and Carolyn
A brief biography of the main contributor and collaborator with Peter at Trans4mind, originally with the Heart to Heart Coaching and in the last few years, the Trans4mind Training online video workshops. He is author of ‘Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off.’

One Journey
Are you on this journey unconsciously or consciously? Wallace will assist you to use the suffering and stress in your life to make the transition from living unconsciously to living consciously and in so doing live stress free, at peace with both yourself and your neighbour.
Wallace has recently begun offering group meetings at Meetup, online over Skype, that are free to join. He particularly welcomes participation from users of Trans4mind. Learn more about Wallace's activities...

Making the Human Heart Visible
Many people don't realize the direct, intimate and immediate connection between a person's inner world, how they think and feel and the values they hold, and the way they express themselves and create the world around them, and how we can all be trained to recognize these values in our heart and to express them in our life.

Transform your life!

We invite you to watch this video, which gives you an understanding of our Global Vision...

The video above introduces our Trans4mind Training personal development video workshops. Although the videos are hosted online, the training is real-world, in Ireland at the moment, supervised by Wallace Huey...

Uniquely based on empowering personal development, Trans4mind Training's online interactive video workshops meet the need to find new and innovative ways to prosper in a fast-changing and stressful world and at the same time, live our lives more consciously and mindfully, to add that crucial spiritual dimension. Learn more...

Unfold Your Wings
This book by Wallace Huey is a foundation of Trans4mind personal development principles and you can buy a printed copy or read online when you register for the training. There is a power within, ready to guide you from present difficulties toward a life of peace, love and joy.

Daring to be Yourself
Peter's book (read online or download PDF) describes how we can look objectively, honestly and with an open mind, both at the world and even more so, into our own being. How to awaken from our habitual ways of being is what this book is all about. This can also be purchased in the Kindle format, Daring to be Yourself, including Communication & Relationships, Emotional Intelligence, and the transformative Positive Approach Course.

Inspiration for Your Soul
Poetry, music and pictures - a place where you can let the cares of the day melt away and you can receive fresh insight and understanding on the issues that matter most. The Meditation Room speaks directly to your Heart and Soul.

The Wisdom of the Woods
Wallace Huey presents his free online book, The Wisdom of the Woods - a woodsman's guide to enlightenment, that illustrates the wisdom to be found in nature. Such insight will penetrate your Heart and you will never be the same again! Such is the power of The Wisdom of the Woods.
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