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None of these websites are here because they link back to They're here because I visit them often and have found them to be interesting resources, to say the least.
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Scientific websites:

Misc. Favorites:

Alternative world news sites:
Fake news and conspiracy theories appear in alternative news sites, but likewise in establishment media. So with all online resources we need to take what they say both with a pinch of salt and an open mind. Whatever, I've found that these sites in particular have helped to open up new perspectives for me...

In addition, here is a list of 50+ of the most compelling “alternative” media sources available online. Download this list as a PDF.

Established authorities will rarely express any truth that threatens their vested interests; the mass media and establishment news follows likewise... in sciences, politics, health, business, education, spirituality, etc. And those who oppose the authorities might behave likewise, since they understandably have a strong agenda. Plus some sites may be created to post false information in order to deliberately discredit authentic alternative news media as a whole. What is certainly not OK is Google, Facebook and the like to take it upon themselves to support establishment mass media and censor alternative news outlets - see Censored News for an up-to-date listing of currently blocked news.
“Minds, like parachutes, function better when open.”
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