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Freelance Article Writing on the Net

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Freelance Article Writing on the Net

by Jill Black Copyright - 2001

As a freelancer there are many opportunities available
for working from home as a career or providing an extra stream
of income"for your established information publishing business
by filling the"needs of a widely diverse market as a paid
freelance article writer both on the internet and in offline

What is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is an independent writer who earns his/her
living by contracting for work projects, working for no
fixed employer, and may work for a number of employers at
any given time."

You will be required to negotiate the terms and conditions"
of work and all work must be completed to the satisfaction"
of the clients requirements."

Note: The objectives and requirements of both parties
should be understood fully by both parties from the start
to save any problems later on - this includes terms of

As a freelancer you need to keep up with the latest
developments to compete in the marketplace.

This requires studying and researching the needs of the"
marketplace along with'selling yourself to your potential

Getting Started as a Freelancer"

The freelance market can be fiercely competitive at times"
requiring emphasis on marketing your work effectively and"
assessing your expertise and skills.

"How to" articles tend to sell well and most successful"
freelancers maintain constant contact with marketplace"
trends and requirements seeking those areas where they
can fill the needs of potential clients.

Write your resume with the view of selling your strengths.
Use short sentences with each paragraph easy to read,
clearly and concisely giving your qualifications
or related experience for the job."

Usually you will only have"a few seconds to make an impact
on your prospective client"and this can make the difference
between hiring you over'someone else.

To find a niche (your niche) Web monkey has a very
good article on finding and defining your niche as a
web freelancer.

Many writers prefer to stick within the topic subjects
they can write confidently on although a good freelancer
can research and write on any topic if and when required.

When you are decided on the subject niche you would
like to"fill seek out magazine publications, online and
offline, on your chosen topic.

There are two main ways most freelancers find work -

Submitting to publications

Bidding on freelance contracts

If you do not wish to bid for work contracts until you
have gained a degree of confidence in your abilities
e.g. at some of the sites listed below...

Seek out publications in your chosen field that accept
articles e.g. if your interest in in fishing go to your
local outlet selling magazines and see if they accept
article contributions (this can usually be found inside the
front cover in most magazines)

Many freelancers start by submitting to local community
newspapers/letters as a way of establishing credibility
as a published writer."

Send a query letter or email your chosen publications
with your subject ideas and an outline of your proposed
article and how they may"contact you if interested.
However, still expect to wait some time (sometimes up to
three months if approaching offline publications) for a
reply as most editors are very busy people.

Finding work on the Internet

The internet has made it easier to build a successful
freelance career as a independent professional.

To find markets on the internet visit yahoogroups,
topica etc and join writing job newsletters and job

Some newsletters/groups I have found very informative
are - " (fee $5.00 per year -
well worth the money to receive) -

There are many sites that bring people together...
some offer a"free service, others you will need to
register with and/or supply your resume before you
can get started. (international) (international) (click on the freelance job and
non-fiction writing link) (for travel writers)

The government is the largest source of freelance contract
work in most countries. One USA based web site set up to
bring you the latest news in the market today, whatever
your area of expertise, can be found at:""
For other countries try your local government web site
for information.

Another option is to do some detective work to source
work. Look for new web sites to send a congratulatory email.

Explain your services and how your work can the improve"
chances of survival on the net while politely enquiring if"
they have any current or future needs for the services you
can offer and how they may contact you.

Newly launched web sites can by found via press release"

Sign up to receive the daily releases if you are serious
about earning money as a freelancer.

Invest in Writers Market and digest books (both local
and international). These list"thousands of markets,
niches and industries that require the needs of freelance

Put together a portfolio with a selection of your best"

If you enjoy for example, travel writing, include a"
selection of your best photos if sending queries to offline
editors as many will ask if you will be supplying photos"
along with your story. If you can send photos to accompany
your article your chances of having your article accepted"
increases as it saves them the trouble of sourcing photos to
compliment the article.

At the bottom of the article include your resource box.
For example: Joe Bloggs is a freelance writer and webmaster
at your and whatever ties your web site into the

Producing free content articles are a great way to build
up your business and reputation. They can also be used as
publishing credits if they have been placed on another's
web site -mention where samples of your published work can
be viewed.

Writing freelance articles increases exposure for your
business to another market segment of interested individuals.
If you had not considered freelancing as a possibility..."
give it a try."

About the Author

Jill Black is a professional freelance writer and photographer and member of the New Zealand freelance writers association (NZFWA). For writing and epublishingresources and ideas visit


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