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Comparing Publicity Submitting Articles Online, PressReleases, Book Signings, and Blogs

By Judy Cullins

Comparing Publicity: Submitting Articles Online, PressReleases, Book Signings, and Blogs

Your audience online awaits information from you. That's why they visit Web sites related to their interest area. With that in mind, know that writing and submitting articles is the number one Online publicity and promotion game around.

You already know that a great Web site with a lot of content keeps pulling your visitors back for more information. Maybe you don't know that to get your targeted audience to your site, you need to spread your free, useful information around cyberspace.

That means to start and keep going a publicity campaign like I do.

Writing and Submitting Articles to Top Web Sites Works

1. Write 10-15 how to and other articles your audience will appreciate.

2. Leverage those to meet other audiences and focuses.

3. Gather 10-20 top web site addresses (URLs) that are in the top 20 through google or another search engine.

4. Search by submitting to your category such as "parents" a second word "submit articles."

5. Submit 2-3 articles at a time to each of these top 20 web sites and watch your numbers grow.

6. Delegate to an assistant to multiply results exponentially.

7. Google my name Judy Cullins to see these results later, watch your growth. Google your name.

Your coach's experience--Got on 1200 Web sites year one, on 4500 year two, 14,000 year three, 30,000 year four and this year over 123,000 other sites, growing 1000's each day. All with a link back to my site where people interested in writing, publishing, or promoting a book will come for even more information. This translates to over 3500 Web visitors each day. Targeted visitors! Consistent sales. From my results

Blogs May be Useful

Even when you create your blog you must also give useful, original information such as these articles. They are proven to do more than any other kind. You can also submit a customer questions and answer it. Update your information at least several times a week to boost your search engine placement. These offerings as with writing and submitting articles let people see you as the expert.

Submit Articles to Opt-In Ezines (no spam)

Submit these same articles to opt-in ezines. These are subscriber only, so you aren't considered spam. From 500 to over 30,000 subscribers in each ezine, you can multiple business results in these ezines. And, they are easy and fast to participate in. Once you get well known, watch your web site targeted traffic increase.

Press Releases May not Get to the Right Person

Let go of publicity and promotion that doesn't work. Like me you may stop submitting press releases to book editors. Even though I submitted over 150 press releases in a year, I only got a few feature stories. I did get some action, but little for the time and effort. If you do send a press release, put a 3-5 Tip blurb in it to make media editor more likely to publish it. They love short how to information just like the rest of us.

Submitting Copies of Your Book for Review

While this may work for some, it's a limited response. Yes, send a few review copies out to people such as MidWest Book Review who actually give them in a timely way. It's much easier getting testimonials from people who have used your service or read your book. They want to help you because they liked your book. They will even give testimonials from a partial read or experience. On the Internet-the playing field is even. You don't need gurus' opinions to say you are OK.

Book Signings May Work

If you love to speak and can speak well, by all means get out and share the good news. You may not get paid to speak, but selling at the back of the room can reward you. Or, people will like what they experience and use your business. The catch? Make sure you schedule 6 talks a month to get the maximum visibility and sales you want.

What Better Visibility Than the Web?

When the Internet reared its beautiful head, I dialed a local high school and hired a techie at low cost. With just the two of us, we put the easiest, cheapest, and fun PR campaign to work. We spend around 4-6 hours a week staying on top of this. When I Goggled my name today I was listed on 123,000 other Web sites with a link back to my site. That means sales.

Spend your publicity and promotion time on what works. What is easiest and fun. You want to spend time on doing what you can from your home office to reach your targeted audience Online who want and need your service or product.

About The Author
Judy Cullins, 20-year Book and Internet Marketing Coach works with small business people who want to make a difference in people's lives, build their credibility and clients, and make a consistent life-long income. Judy is author of 10 eBooks including Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast, Ten Non-Techie Ways to Market Your Book Online, The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Your Targeted Web Traffic, and Power Writing for Web Sites That Sell. She offers free help through her 2 monthly ezines, "The BookCoach Says...," "Business Tip of the Month," blog Q & A at and over 199 free articles. Email her at or Phone: 619/466-0622 -- Orders: 866/200-9743

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