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How to Get Free Publicity the Easy Way

By Earma Brown

Seven Tips to Successfully Write Web Articles:

Online readers love free information. They scour the

internet daily looking for the specific information to

solve their problems, help them be successful, live longer

or get healthy. You should join the information revolution

too! Publish your free helpful solution-oriented articles

to the web. But wait!

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing for the

web. Long paragraphs are usually acceptable for print media;

they are not for the web. If you want to write articles that

web users will love to read and put to use follow these

seven simple tips:

1. Make your article scan ready. A study by Jakob Nielson

publicized as guru of web page usability by the New York

Times published that only 16 per cent of his test users

actually read the copy they found online; 79 per cent of

them simply scanned it. Your impatient web readers will

want important information to jump out at them.

Some practical ways to make your text scannable are:

headings, sub-headings, bulleted list, numbered lists, easy

steps and/or typeface variation. For example, compelling

headlines are considered an art. Are you drawn to the

author's article as "How to Write Web Articles" or "5 Tips

to Write Winning Web Articles?"

2. Keep it short. Get and keep the attention of web

readers by delivering short messages. You put effort into

gaining your web reader's attention; now make their click

worthwhile with brief compelling copy in bite sizes.

Start with the conclusion. Your readers may not make it to

the end of your piece to get it. Web readers don't want to

get bogged down in long blocks of text. So get to the point

early and use the rest of your article to support that main


3. Make Your Title Sizzle. Dull titles will not capture

your readers interest. It will make your article fade into

the sea of other boring articles listed in article banks

these days. You have to create a title that will reach out

and grab your reader by the ---- urgm"collar is what I was

about to say.

To get your article read, start with a sizzling title.

Make it short. Create interest. Include the main benefit or

solution in your title.

4. Talk to Your Targeted Audience. Your information is not

for everyone. Avoid generalities. Choose a friend or family

member that's interested in your topic. Write your article

to them. Writing to a friend will make your copy personable

and friendly.

You won't come across as a fussy hen, do this, do this,

don't do that. You will connect with your readers as a

friend giving advice. Your article will do a better job of

building creditability for you. Creditability inspires

trust and readers only trust their friends.

5. Add substance. Resist fluffing your articles. Include

practical valuable information in your copy. Everyone loses

when you don't take the time to impart substance. It

increases the reputation of the web being an unreliable

source of knowledge. Additionally, lack of substance will

block your road to profitable referrals.

Do the research and/or draw from your knowledge and

experience to illustrate. Your stories and real life

examples will meet your reader's need for practical

information and connect with their emotion. It's a known

fact emotions will move people to action. Whether you

desire them to act by signing up or making a purchase, add

substance and improve your reader responses.

6. Make it web professional. Create a more web

professional look by using short sentences then format your

page to approximately 65 characters per line. Long stringed

sentences that stream from side to side of the web page

look visually unprofessional. Select a layout for your

article from several short article formats that include the

how-to, tips list, question-answer, problem-solutions and


Make your introduction and summary short but do add one.

Your web readers don't want just a list of boring facts and

information. They want to connect with you by reading your

personable introduction and practical tips with a definite

ending or summary. Remember excited readers become

enthusiastic buyers and enthusiastic buyers will refer your

product or service to all their friends.

7. Use your keywords. Thread your keywords throughout your

short article as naturally as possible. Otherwise your copy

will sound stiff and dull. To gain visibility on the search

engines, your site must be "indexed" by their robotic


In its most basic form, they must be able to compare the

code, keywords and other Meta tags with the actual content

of the site. From this they reach a conclusion regarding

the context of the site. This and other factors will affect

how well your copy or website places in the search engines.

You may use these guidelines for all kinds of web copy.

The same elements of using keywords, making your article

professional, adding substance, keeping it short and making

your copy scannable will improve the quality of your

articles. Practice the above simple principles and write

winning articles to distribute on the web everywhere.

About The Author
© Earma Brown, 11-year author, business owner, web developer

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