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Publishing Your Book

By Matt Crazoner

Format Your Manuscript for the Publishing Firm

If you want to publish your novel, you must present your

manuscript in the accepted format or else it may never see

the light of the day. You have to make sure that you fulfill

all the requirements and expectations of the publishing

agent. Your manuscript should not be different from others

in form even though it is exclusive in style and content.

For a first novel, the word count should range from 60,000

to 120,000 words. This can be lower if the novel is

directed to younger readers, but these numbers are fairly

standard. If you're submitting directly to a publisher,

you'll want to look at other things that they have

published in order to see what kinds of word counts they

like to accept.

The next order of business is to format the manuscript.

This includes having the text in a word processing document.

While typing on a typewriter might be your standard method

of creating your novel, it does not look professional. If

you do not own a computer, pay someone to type up your

manuscript on their computer. However, you should really

look into having your own computer, as most communication

is done via email these days.

Make sure that you type the manuscript in Times New Roman or

Courier font in twelve point font size and it should be

consistently double spaced throughout the text. The title

page should include your name, address and email address in

the bottom right hand corner. If you are going through an

agent, then type your contact information in the top left

hand corner and your agent's contact information in the

bottom left corner.

The title of the manuscript should be typed in all capital

letters and placed in the center of your title page.

The page number is always typed in the top right hand corner

along with your name and title in all capitals, separated by

a backslash in the upper left hand corners.

Skip four lines and type the chapter titles in all capital

letters and then proceed to the text.

Make sure you indent new paragraphs and dialogue either with

the TAB key or with five spaces.

Most importantly, get your document edited by a professional

copyeditor or do it yourself. For this purpose, it's'sbest

to print the document out and read it word by word. You will

be surprised how many errors get overlooked when the

document is on the computer screen.

A thorough editing job should make your document free of

spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Otherwise, your

agent or publisher might think that you are not professional

or committed to the manuscript. These apparently simple

errors can ruin your manuscript.

Take the time to create a professional manuscript and one

that is consistent with these industry standards. Anything

flashy will only draw the annoyance of the one reading it,

not the attention.

About The Author
Matt Crazoner operates the website and is a writer for

FWE publishing

which is the complete publishing research center providing

easy access to absolutely everything you can possibly

imagine publishing related.

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