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Top Ten Ways to Know your Book Concept will Sell--Before you Invest Time and Money

By Judy Cullins

Make your book stand out from the crowd! Test your book's significance, find your market before you write, and treat your book as part of your business.

1. Test your book's significance. Does it?

-Offer fun, humor.

-Offer an easy to

-Teach something interesting, new.

-Solve your audience's challenge..

-Contain original, unique info.

-Psitively affect the reader's life.

-Create a deeper understanding of life.

-Give skills and info to help people.

You only need two significances to have a book that will sell.

2. Find your market before you write.

Who out there needs or wants your information? Without knowing a preferred audience as your write, your writing may be too general and not compel your audience to keep turning pages. Know your audience profile as seen in the "Nine-Essential- Hot -Selling-Points."

3. Know your best audience.

Remember the 100,000's Online too. Write your audience a letter on why you are writing the book and how it will benefit them.

4. Keep your book short.

Today's business audience want information that is easy-to-read and right to the point so they can spend less time, and receive more. Remember the One-Minute Manager? It sold millions..

5. Unleash your passion for at least 2 years for one book.

Authors readily spend for getting their book written and published. Do the same for getting your message out to your targeted audiece. If you love your book, you will market it untill word-of-mouth takes over.

6. Get some help with a bookcoach.

Sad stories come to me each month. One author waited two years to get on the Dr. Phil show with 10,000 books sitting in storage for over a year. Save yourself time and money on mistakes and short cut your learning curve. Call for an introductory book coaching session, take teleclasses, or join a small group "book achievers" group.

7. Intend your book vision to manifest.

Know your book will be published, name your outcomes-- what you will hear, see, and feel now that it's done and people are reading it. It's far better to accept your success now rather than look to the far, improbable future.

8. Treat your book as part of your business.

Make a plan -when to write, how much to write each week, when you will finish, what your next step is, Honor your book as a top priority and spend time on one-three High Level Activities on it each day..

9. Know you will eventually have to spend some money to make your book a top seller.

If your book is important to you, then start a book bank account before you write it. In less than a year, you will have $1000 plus to get help from a professional bookcoach and print copies you need..

10. Solve your audience's challenge and you not only will sell a lot of books, you'll also have a 24/7 sales person for your book.

When you write your book aimed at your best audience, and spend enough time on it, you can produce a successful E or print book.

Judy Cullins ©2006 All Rights Reserved.

About The Author
Judy Cullins, 20-year Book and Internet Marketing Coach and author of 10 books including "Write Your eBook or Other Short Book Fast" offers free help through her 2 monthly ezines, "The Book Coach Says...," and "Business Tip of the Month." at or Phone: 619/466-0622 -866/200-9743.

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