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Creating Appealing Comics - 4 Must Do Steps

By Gideon Olade

I will first start by asking and answering three questions. Question one; can anyone be involved in creating comics? Yes, anyone can create comics. Question two. Can anyone create an appealing comic book? No, anyone cannot create an appealing comic book. And, can anyone create a comic book that is successful? No, anyone cannot create a successful comic book.

Out of the three questions I asked, I answered no to two of them, which brings me to the whole point of why I'm writing this article. I want to give people four simple and general steps to help begin creating comics that are appealing, and then hopefully successful. We must know that in order for a comic book to become successful, it first has to be appealing to many readers. Let's now go into the steps.

Step 1

If anyone wants to create comics, his or her motives must be right. Let me tell you why I say this. Creating comics is easy. But, if you want to create a successful comic book, especially if you don't have any experience in creating comics, it would be very hard. Now, for the people without any background or experience and want to begin creating comics, it is a must for your motives to be right. If you think it is a quick way to make money or that people would automatically like what you produced just because you like it and grandma likes it, it would probably be best you stop, and not waste your time.

Step 2

This is a no-brainer. Get a good comic book idea. For those who can't think of a decent idea simply think of what you like to do, in terms of sports, (basketball, football, soccer, tennis, karate, or boxing) academics, music, or hobbies. You can think of what you like to watch like: action, comedy, romance, and adventures. You can even think of your values as in: God, family, friends, and so on. If none of these works, try to think about what you think comics are lacking. And maybe what you've heard your friends or comic book fans talk about that they would like to see or won't like to see in comics. Then all you have to do is meet that audience need. Believe me, there are a lot of fresh ideas out there. Once you have a feasible idea, you are ready to move on to step 3.

Step 3

This is where some creators mess up in creating comics. They only think of what they like. See, your comic book is not for you, so you have to think of what you like and make sure there are many others who share those preferences. This is done through research. I know, many people cringe at the sound of that word, but it is a must if you want to create a comic book that appeals to people. Appealing to people is just catering to their needs. This is what Stan Lee did with the creation of Spiderman, Fantastic four and others. When you do your research, you find out whether there is a market for people looking for what you have to offer in your comics. Once you are sure that there are people who are interested in what you have to offer, you have a guaranteed audience and could go forth in creating your comic. Do your research!

Step 4

Develop a great storyline to your theme. Don't ever depend on the art work alone to keep people glued to your comic book. The art work can attract people but does not get people asking for more.

If you follow these first four steps, you would see whether creating comics is for you or not. If you are successful in these four steps, you are truly on your way to creating an appealing comic book.

About The Author
Gideon Olade

I've always considered comic books a very interesting and intelligent way of storytelling. This has caused me to research what has made some comic books and characters popular, and I'd like to share this info with you.

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