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How To Put The Power Of YOU In Your Web Writing

By Bruce Carlson

One of the most important words in the vocabulary

of a Web writer is the simple little three-letter word


Many Web writers fail to understand the importance

of this little word, and for that reason they don't

attract an audience of hungry readers.

You need to understand the importance of this little

word if you want to get your Web content read.

This article will show you how to increase the power of your Web writing by using this one little word effectively.

**What Do All These Different Kinds Of Web Writing Have In Common?**

Here on the Web we do a lot of different kinds of

writing. Maybe you have a blog, and that takes one

kind of writing.

Then you have a home page on your Website, and that

takes another kind.

And then you have a sales letter which you send people

to where you sell your product or service, and that

takes yet another kind of writing.

And then you have content pages of one variety or another

which take still another kind of writing...

Not to mention the emails you send out, the reports

and articles you write, your newsletter...

The list goes on.

All requiring a slightly different kind of writing in order

to be done most effectively.

Now, it's not my intention here to get into a discussion of

the different kinds of Web writing and how we can make our

voice different when writing for them.

But there is one thing that practically all forms of Web

writing have in common.

And that's this:

They're for the benefit of your reader.

Or at least should be!

**Writing For The Benefit Of Your Reader**

Copywriting principles teach us, and wisely so, to think only

of our reader, and not of ourselves. To think first and foremost

about what we can offer our reader.

Maybe you had a writing teacher once who hammered home to

you the importance of audience.

"Audience, audience, audience," she or he said.

Well it still holds true. But not in the same way it did back


That's because on the Web you're writing for an audience of ONE.

And that ONE person is your ideal reader. The person you most want

to read your content.

Think of it as "selling" your content to them. In order to sell

you have to grab your prospect's attention quickly and hold it

before they click out.

It's the same with your Web readers. they'll click out in a heartbeat

if there's nothing that grabs their attention.

Yes, I know that blogs can be different. But if your blog teaches

or sells in any way, then it too should grab them and hold them.

**Keep YOU In The Forefront -- Make Your Writing "You-Centered"**

When you write for your audience of one, you need to keep "YOU"

in the forefront, because YOU (your reader) is who you're writing

to (not you, meaning you the writer).

When your writing is "you-centered" it speaks right at your reader.

It gets them right in their emotions, because it includes them.

So how do you make your writing you-centered?

By really, truly including your reader. By bringing them into your

personal space. By letting them know you aren't just another squawking,

selfish writer who wants to show how clever you are with words.

No distant third-person narratives for you. No sirree. Or even chatty

first-person narratives (yes, you certainly CAN tell your own

story, but it needs to be for the clear benefit of your reader,

not just for you to blow your own horn).

Instead, you reach out to your reader and talk about things they are

interested in. About things that speak to their emotions, wants, and needs.

**How NOT To Win Friends And Influence People**

The other day a teenager came to our door selling something (I think

it was magazine subscriptions). His sales pitch, if you even want to call

it that, was to tell us how much he wanted to go on a trip to


That's all. Nothing about how the magazines would benefit us. He

never once used the word YOU when he spoke to us.

And then when we didn't buy he had the audacity to get mad!

NOT the way to win friends and influence people.

That teenaged salesman forgot about the power of YOU. Instead he concentrated

on ME. And tried to get us to buy just so we could help him.

Yes, fund-raisers do use that approach when soliciting contributions.

But they still concentrate on YOU. Fund-raisers are you-centered. Not


**Become You-Centered And Watch Your Web Writing Come Alive**

You too need to become you-centered with your Web writing.

The next time you write, take a look at how often you use the word

"you" (or some form of it) in your copy. Concentrate on using that

little word as much as possible.

And when you're done writing, sit down and actually count how many times

it appears in what you've written.

Making your content you-centered is one of the surest ways there

is to get read more. To make your writing come alive.

So, starting with your next project, put the power of YOU in your writing!

It'll make a huge difference. I guarantee it!

Copyright (c) 2006 by Bruce Carlson

About The Author
Web writing coach Bruce Carlson would like to help YOU with your Web writing and with building your online home business with the right words.

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