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STRESS FACTS * * * * * Myth# Stress induced fatigue is unavoidable in today's hectic 24/7 lifestyle! - Most health practitioners now recognize that stress is a major factor in most cases of poor health, resulting in work absenteeism, poor concentration and accidents.

The increasing stress of living life in the fast lane and keeping up appearances, combined with air, water and noise pollution, puts a strain on our nervous system. Stress can be a valuable asset when you want to get things done. However, unresolved stress can result in frustration, anxiety and tension. There are many ways to go about resolving your condition depending on the situations that give rise to these conditions 'see below..... - Everyone needs successful stress management techniques. Easy to learn and easy to implement, you can use them for your own stress management or teach them to help others manage theirs. Manage your stress and be a healthier, happier and more pleasant person to be around. Let's cut to the chase...

Introducing Viny 'a member of the Natural Health Council and a former chronically ill patient who eventually decided to take control of his recovery. Now a stress consultant and alternative health journalist 'he has written many books and articles in order to pass on the benefits of his experience and the results of leading-edge scientific research in the field of natural healing. - If you have tried and failed to recover your health 'either by conventional or alternative methods, then the root cause and remedy for your ailments may have been overlooked. Both conventional and alternative medicine is dominated by practitioners who treat the symptoms, but rarely the root cause. By learning how your body works you can take control of your recovery and escape the 'Sickness Treadmill'. - Very often people have the right MOTIVATION but the wrong INFORMATION. A lot of busy people want better health, more time and energy, but they don't have the right information that will enable them to get quick and long lasting results. - There are three basic steps to achieving your goals, whether it is: - Better health - Financial independence - More leisure time or anything else - 1 Get the right information '2 Make the right plan '3 Take the right action - The right information will enable you to: - - Better manage stress and anger - Overcome anxiety and depression - Improve your self-confidence - Conquer food allergies by normalising your immune system - Beat candida, thrush, haemorrhoids and bowel infections - Prevent indigestion, heartburn and hot flushes - Prevent bloating, constipation, colds and flu - Resolve ME (chronic fatigue), osteoporosis and arthritis..... - If this sounds too good to be true then read on! - * * * * * Because of the misinformation put about by clever advertising, we are going to tell it like it is. There are many overlooked facts that you need to know if you want to be well and avoid the 'Sickness Treadmill'. - Although there are no easy answers, there are solutions that will empower, not mystify the individual who sincerely wants to be well. Reliable information is the most effective tool for those seeking to improve the quality of their life. - This information is presented for the educational and free exchange of ideas and information in relation to health and wellness. It is not intended to diagnose any physical or mental condition, or to prescribe any medicines. There is no copywrite on the published articles so you can copy and paste on to a word document for your own purposes. - * * * * * The main obstacles between the stressed individual and the solution are: They are not aware that the physical symptoms they experience are caused by stress 'they don' t know the cause of the stress 'they take medication to alleviate the symptoms, or they avoid taking remedial action because they are too busy. - This information may challenge your present concepts about health & prosperity! - The main causes are: Dramatic changes, physical injury and mental abuse 'living and working in a stressful home or work environment. Extreme stress in humans happens when a body experiences a potential life-threatening situation. - Everyday stresses come from many sources such as poor quality sleep, overwork and an unwholesome diet 'lack of sunshine, dehydration and lack of exercise 'drug and alcohol abuse 'moving house, changing job, unpaid bills and bad news. - To a large extent, the root of societies health problems started during the industrial revolution when employers demanded long hours from their workers who were encouraged to consume tea, coffee, and tobacco as a means of pushing them to work faster. - Soon after 'sugar and milk to sweeten the bitter tea and coffee, then chocolate and white bread. At the end of the day, alcohol became the social relaxant. This trend has continued to the present day, resulting in a rise of stress and digestion related illness. - We acknowledge that in some situations stress can help to achieve success. No stress; no pulse! However unrelenting pressure can wear you down and sudden catastrophes can trigger a health crisis.

A Stress Audit: Will identify the symptoms of unresolved stress, the prevalence and the cost of stress.

Stress Proofing: There are practical ways to inoculate yourself against the worst effects of stress. Antidotes for the busyness bug, hurry sickness, achiever fever and everyday exhaustion.

Don't Sweat It! There are tonics for mind, body and soul to help you re-balance your life, simplify your work, manage the pace, and upgrade your performance.

Stress DeTox: Helps to overcome workaholism, the struggle habit, martyrdom, eye-strain and headaches. The symptoms of stress overload are telling you there is an easier way and a better way!

Stress in all its guises, is one of the main contributing factors to poor health 'many people find it increasingly difficult to 'switch off' from their stresses, and sooner or later their health breaks down. The damage caused by stress can be sudden 'digestive upsets, nervous breakdown, heart attack and stroke. Also progressive nerve damage leading to chronic fatigue, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, alzheimers etc) and impaired immunity to many forms of ill health. - THE TELL-TALES SIGNS * Not being able to sleep properly * Poor concentration and increased irritability * Drinking excess caffeine or alcohol, and/or smoking more * An inability to make decisions, and feeling increasingly frustrated by this * Palpitations of the heart, a 'lump' in the throat or stomach, dry mouth and slight hand tremors * Always feeling that something needs to be done, and that you cannot simply sit and relax * Diminished sexual functions - MORE SERIOUS SYMPTOMS * Chest pain, radiating into the neck or arm. This pain may feel like a 'crushing' or heavy sensation and may be brought on by exertion or exercise. * An inability to swallow food properly, especially bread or meat * Weight loss or alteration in the normal bowel habit (such as constipation or diarrhoea). * A rapid or erratic pulse rate for no obvious reason, which may occur when relaxed or at rest. * Feelings of self-harm or suicidal thoughts. - The Cost Of Stress: Illness caused by stress, costs us much time, money and frustration. The famous Irish poet; W B Yeats had this to say about relaxation: - "In a field by a river, my love and I did stand, and on my leaning shoulder, she laid her snow-white hand. She bid me take life easy, as the grass grows on the weir's, but I was young and foolish and now am full of tears." - There is often no need for long complicated exercises or months and years of psychiatric counselling. There are simple techniques that anyone can learn with a bit of coaching. They will strengthen your immunity to illness and boost your self-confidence because you now have the power to act decisively and effectively, doing no harm. - Deciding when you need further help: Everyone has different stress threshold, but most people need further help when some or all of the following occur: - * Life no longer feels enjoyable 'it is a constant struggle to feel on top of things. * Relationships are put at risk because of the symptoms of stress. * Irritability and anger/frustration are present every day. * Alcohol or cigarette intake increases radically. * A previously normal sex drive is severely diminished. * Feelings of self-loathing develop and lack of self-worth. - Comfort and security You will be familiar with some of the principles of good workable arrangements in homes and workplaces, however there may be some aspects that you have overlooked, such as the secure placement of beds, mirrors and chairs. The way you arrange the furniture and decorate a particular room, can make the experience of dining, relaxing or sleeping, a more or less fulfilling experience. - Recently a businessman came to see me in his lunch break. He arrived late with a sandwich in his hand, which he proceeded to eat as we spoke. "OK!" "He said, looking at his watch." "I can give you 30 minutes, can you teach me how to relax?" Yes! I said 'we can make a start. In those few minutes, I was able to show him some simple ways to relieve tension. He phoned me later to say how much better he felt. - * * * * * A FORMULA FOR SUCCESS 'DON'T QUIT ! ! ! * * * * * When things go wrong, as they sometimes will. When the road that you travel is all up-hill When funds are low and the debts are high and you want to smile but you have to sigh - When care is pressing you down a bit 'rest if you want, but don't you quit Life is queer with its twists and turns 'as everyone eventually learns And many a person turns about 'when they might have won had they stuck it out - Don't give up though the pace is slow 'you may succeed with another blow Often the struggler has given up 'when they might have captured the victors cup - And they learned too late when the night came down, how close they were to the golden crown - Success is failure turned inside out 'So stick to the fight when you are hardest hit It's when things seem worst that you must not quit! In the words of the song: Always look on the bright side of life 'la la..... - * * * * * Stress is an invitation to change something 'it is information that warrants action. No one is immune to close encounters of the stressful kind, however it can be managed to avoid health damage. A stress audit and makeover will enable you to identify and manage the main stressors. - I have been there and survived, so I can help you to identify the root cause and show you ways to resolve your condition. - This article was extracted from our Personal Development Program 'more info on request.

I welcome your questions and comments. - Viny, C/o The Natural Health Council. Email - * * * * * Further reading: Overcoming Depression 'Improve Self-confidence 'Laughter Medicine 'Better Communication 'Doctors Don't Tell You 'Why is my Doctor against Alternative Therapies? 'A Good Nights Sleep 'Allergies 'Candida and Thrush 'A Healthy House 'Infertility and Impotence 'Asthma 'Diabetes 'High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol 'Food & Mood 'Chronic Pain & Fatigue

About the Author
Introducing Viny 'a member of the Natural Health Council and a former chronically ill patient who eventually decided to take control of his recovery. Now a stress consultant and alternative health journalist 'he has written many books and articles in order to pass on the benefits of his experience and the results of leading-edge scientific research in the field of natural healing.

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