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One Life to Live: Make the best of it

You have only one life to live... understand that! Clear and out.

In the whole cosmic life span of 96.4 million earthly years that every individual soul (the atman within) is required to pass through... what significance is of 70 to 80 years of present life spent as a human being. Yet, every human being has been given the power to live the present life at its best. No compromises on that.

It is not merely the time factor which matters most... it is the quality of life lived every day which makes us worthy of living as a human being... the highest manifest stage a living being can take on mother earth. Always remember that it is only as a human being one can gain the stage of enlightenment. It is not in heaven or hell that one can get enlightened.

Only one life to live: give life its very best shot you can give! Bill Gates, Edison, Einstein and JRD Tata were not the produces of a single day of effort... they spent days months and years struggling to achieve the goal of their life... something which was dearest to them from the heart. They succeeded in life for they knew how to overcome obstacles, the gossips and face the community as it were.

One life to live: Live life as if there shall never be another day! Do not simply while away time for the sake of it. Live for the community and the values you have always cherished in your life. Human life is after all a gift from God... we have but to spend it wisely!

Strive to become a Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed in this very life for you have only one life to live. It is only in billions that one chooses the path to become a Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed. Gaining enlightenment is the final goal of every human life... strive for it within this life for you have only one life to live.

Only one life to live... Put your best talents forward and prove to the world your worthiness. Always remember that in the cosmic system you are the one and only one who has an ingredient of becoming a master in your own field. No matter what none other can excel you in that field. It is your destiny and the will of God that shall always guide you on the right path.

Live life by choice and not out of compulsion for you have only one life to live. Listen to the sweet small inner voice coming from within your heart... the voice of your soul (the atman within). It shall never guide you on the wrong path. Choose the journey of your life wisely and there shall never be any regrets later on.

You have only one life to live! Spend your life the way you would want to live it... not what others may have chosen for you! Be they your parents, teachers or friends... they can always be your benefactors... always remember it is you can only you who have to choose the goal of your life. Live life the way you like it. You are the Prince or the Princess of your life... none other can force or deviate you from your chosen path! It is a different matter that in the process some feelings may get hurt but rest assured in the end everything gets okay.

Always remember that God helps those who help themselves. You have to work out your karma in a way that you shall be able to accomplish the goal of your life. Prove to the world that you are the only one of your kind in the whole world who is the best for your chosen field of working. Do it now before it is too late for you have only one life to live.

One life to live is not as saying. It has to be practiced in every deed in day to day life. No one is perfect in this world. Everyone has limitations. The moment our limitations are over... one reaches the stage of absolute purity and gains enlightenment... Liberated forever from the cycle of birth and death!

Never fear the unknown or even death... you never know what life has in store for you the moment next! Always look at the brighter side of life... do not forget that the most successful people in life always had their worst pitfalls. It was only the patience and the persistence practiced which kept them alive. Patience and persistence is to be practiced every moment for you have to reach your goal come whatever may! Never forget you have only one life to live!

Enjoy the beauty of the seas, mountains, the lovely Wayside Brooks and the beautiful nature. Do not wait for tomorrow. Live the present. You have to make it happen come whatever may. Go climb the mountains, explore the hidden frontiers of nature... always remember that you have nothing to lose in the bargain. Trust the Almighty God and always remember that you have only one life to live... so do it now!

Right from day one and until the last breath... always remember that we have only one life to live! If you need to spend time with your siblings... do it now. There may never be a tomorrow. Tell them all how much you love them from your heart. Make them feel the important person they are in your life. Do not slip for you have only one life to live. Whatever needs to be done has to be accomplished in this very life.

Life is meant to be lived... not passed by as most of us do. Take hold of your destiny and become the master of the fate. If you do not know the path... seek the guidance of an accomplished spiritual master. Study the autobiographies and the biographies of the famous and the successful people. The clues are always hidden in the so-called lighter moments of life. These people were really great for even the most trivial moments mattered for them.

Live a life of passion not greed. Reach the Mount Everest of your life. How happy Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary would have been on reaching the top of the Mount Everest! It is a different matter altogether that Edmund Hillary felt remorse for now there was no other mountains higher than Mount Everest for him to climb.

In the earlier moments of life Bill Gates was a lonely person for he had only a caring mother to take care of all things that mattered to him. Even his school turned him out considering him a scholastic failure. He had an ambition... a chosen one... he fought for it and earned it... all the time guided by his mother. He succeeded in the end.

When I proceeded in search of God at the young age of 11 years... I had nowhere to go. None to guide in the whole world... it was a clear-cut uncharted territory I was to have traveled. I might have succeeded or even failed. It was only my determination, the patience and the persistence which paid in the end.

After 25 years of practicing spirituality absolutely alone all the time I had the vision of God. It was a meeting on one-to-one basis. I had succeeded and reached the end of my cosmic life. On the earthly plane... most people consider me a failure... for I had reached the end of my cosmic life. I was much ahead of the present times... the people today are unable to fathom the depths of the wisdom I have gained.

Having gained self-realization I have nowhere else to go. I shall within this life attain salvation (moksha in Hinduism) and liberate myself from the cycle of birth and death forever. Glory be to God! What value if people on the earthly plane do not recognize a truly God realized soul. I have achieved the purpose of my life.

It is my life and I am the master of it. I have live it on my own terms. For me success does not lie in the material riches and the wants. Indeed... I have learnt the true meaning of life... life as it was meant to be by God.

I finally summarize that you have only one life to live... make the most of it as long as you were healthy, fit and fine. Who knows what God has in store for you the next moment!

About the author:
Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on the merits of One Life to Live: Make the best of it as long as you can! Subscribe free Newsletter "Spiritual Secrets Unveiled" 'For more on Motivation in Life visit 'One Life to Live

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