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Oral Sex for Him

Ever heard this one...
Q] What does Duck a l'orange have in common with a blow job
A]You rarely get either at home!
If you don't want your man to find that relatively funny 'it's time for blow jobs, well delivered and lots of them.

Getting Started.
If there is one thing worse than being asked to perform a blow job, it has to be having to ask to get one, so take the initiative.
Make sure you are both comfortable. If you have him lie back on the bed with his legs over the side, kneeling on the floor in front of him will give you good access. Alternately, sit down and have him stand in front of you. The idea is to have his penis and your throat aligned and full access to his genital area. If you choose to adopt a position whereby he is above you or in control, don't ever let him think he can grab the back of your head and choke you 'a little reminder you have teeth and he'll soon get the message.

Tease, tease, tease...
Don't rush, men like pampering too. Start at his head and work all the way down. Just when you've delivered that first lingering kiss, throw him a seductive, 'I'm in control' look and go to work!

Hit all his erogenous zones as you work down his body. Apply gentle kisses, licking, sucking and nibbling. Alternate over, and between his hot spots as you go. Use your hands and nails to stroke, caress and create complimentary sensations. His hot spots aren't really that different from your own 'neck, round his armpit, collarbone, sides etc. Pay attention to that line down the middle of his torso 'you like that lead down over the lower stomach? He does too. DON'T miss his nipples out 'his are probably more sensitive than your own, if they are not, sensitise them and they will be!

The accidentally on purpose touch 'whilst working your hands and mouth, he may well appreciate you moving your body down so your nipples intermittently graze across his torso. Be conscious of yourself in essence. Watch where your hair dangles 'let it gently brush over his hot spots. Don't forget you aren't dead from the waist down either. While your tongue is busy, run your feet over his; slide your legs up and down his thighs; that said, let these things appear casual and occasional 'too much is overboard and a distraction from the main event. Once you think he has hit the point of no return, don't even think about grabbing him in your mouth. Look like you're going to, and then slowly detour, with your tongue, down the side of his groin and down the inside of his thighs then work back up again. If you feel need to keep him 'on the boil' as you go down, your hands can intermittently work on his sides, butt, lower stomach and inner thighs.

Back to prominent base and ready for the kill? Nah 'curl your head and neck back giving him a good view. Drag your breasts over his entire genitals, from the base to the tip of his penis then seductively sit upright. One last full on, casual but definite view of your stretching upper torso, brush hair back with fingers, pin him with a 'you're in for it' look, a sexy smile and back to his inner thighs.

If he's not standing to attention by this point 'call an ambulance 'he's dead!

Scrape Him of the Ceiling.
Everything with oral sex is an option, (including oral itself). It doesn't matter what you include, or the order you apply techniques, just have fun. He has balls 'do you? Use your tongue over his scrotum. Pay particular attention to the perineum. Take his entire scrotum into your mouth, swirl your tongue round each testicle, alternating side to side. Lick, with varying pressure over the skin join that comes from the underside of the scrotum upwards. If you choose to masturbate him at the same time as this, try GENTLY sucking and dragging his scrotum downwards.

Next; one long, slow and deliberate lick all the way up his penis. On reaching the top, swirl your tongue round the head with a concentrated upwards flick over his frenulum on the way back round and slide him into your mouth. Wrap your mouth round his length, keeping your teeth back.(Some men like occasional grazing with the teeth, some don't 'ask!)

Keep your tongue busy, active and constructive. Work your mouth up and down his length. Concentrate tongue action mostly at the top. Don't fall into the trap of swirling your tongue round and round the top forever and not adopting other techniques. It may be nice, but it's sooo predictable. Keep a steady rhythm and work through varying speeds and pressures. Lick up and down his length swirling your tongue round the head and flicking your tongue from frenulum join to tip. The underside of the head and base of the penis are the most sensitive parts. Try masturbating him with one hand, stroking testicles, anus and perineum with the other at the same time as oral. Using a hand to pull down at the base of the penis increases sensation at the tip. Tongue needs a break? Go for some deep sucking action.

As he gets close to boiling point, build the pressure, tongue action and sensations up. Massage his scrotum, perineum or use prostate stimulation as he reaches orgasm.

Coming Up for Air & the Visuals
Be confident, the more he sees you enjoy doing this, the more he will like it. Look up into his eyes throughout 'he'll love you for it. If you suffer the dreaded jaw locking experience and need a break 'come up for air, it's allowed. Use your hands to carry on manual stimulation, your mouth for some lighter work elsewhere, or now is the perfect time to sit up and provide him with a little display of self indulgence. Bolder 'Spin round so your butt is in front of his face, use one hand to stimulate him and the other on yourself 'he won't even notice you took a break!

The Gag Reflex.
This is triggered by pressure to the back of the tongue or throat. If it's a problem, use one hand at the base of his penis to control how far he enters your mouth, most sensation is at the head anyway. Want to get past the gag reflex 'tilt your head back so the mouth canal is wide open, let him come in from above you. If your head is tilted chin down, your mouth canal is narrowing 'no deep throat games being played that way!

Spit or Swallow?
Okay, so he says semen tastes like strawberries & cream? It doesn't. It's slightly salty, not sweet and taste and texture will vary between individuals, what they last ate and when they last ejaculated. Swallowing or not is your choice, but semen is full of protein and not delivered by the gallon. If you opt to spit 'do it politely. Have a tissue close at hand or go to the bathroom. Spitting it back over the top off him with exclamations of disgust is downright rude and he won't thank you for it. If you don't want to spit or swallow, you could consider letting him ejaculate over your body, over your breasts for example. Don't want this stuff anywhere near you? You should be able to tell when he is about to climax, if not, agree before hand he will tell you so you can switch to manual or other to finish.

Top Tips
* Never use the same method twice in a row 'if he knows what's coming next, he may like it, but he'll soon get bored.
* Alternate between head to toe full treatment, 69, sex finished orally, oral followed by sex, complete blow jobs.
* Don't use all the same methods of stimulation each time, leave additions out, add some 'change the repertoire.
* Listen to his moans and groans, gauge his responses and act on them.
* Hit something he really likes? Move away and
go back, he'll be more grateful for you returning to the same trick than if you'd kept at it the first time.
* Want to play with additions like ice? Chilled frozen fruits (i.e. grapes) are better, more controllable and make less mess.
Keep the additions lubricated, ice burns, and adhesions are painful!
*Just when he least expects it, give him a furious no other frills added blow job.

And a little trick...
Using the very tip of your tongue, lightly lick from the frenulum join to the tip of his penis, stop, wait a few seconds and repeat. Keep this up with no licking elsewhere during pauses achieves a very intense orgasm.

Lastly 'remember your health & play safe... enjoy!

Shan' is a new life writer who covers many subject areas, from sexuality & relationships, to creativity, abuse recovery and more. More of Shan's writing can be found at along with her in progress autobiography and a support and discussion forum.

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