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The Top Places to Pick Up Girls

By Elvis Preston King

Where the girls are.

You will never find the world's top playboy in a disco, night club, strip club, or a bar. You will never find him surfing the internet singles. Nor will you ever find him at a weekend singles lonely hearts club.

Most men are simply pathetic when it comes to picking up and seducing girls. The biggest mistake most men make is to only try to pick up girls in night clubs, bars, pubs and discos. A first grader could see that these are the hardest places on earth to score because they are packed full of everybody and his brother trying to do the same thing. There are always more men than girls. It's a great place for Brad Pitt but not for you buddy.

The best places in the world  to score are in the daily life situations. When you go to the supermarket or to the department store. Every time you go out of the house you have to have your mind set on picking up girls. Be ready at all times. Don't you just feel terrible when you see your dream girl walk right by and you don't make a move or even say a word to her. I know that I use to before I realized that God put me here for a purpose. To get laid daily!  I get laid one to three times per day. I am looking for girls everywhere I go. I do not hesitate to make an approach anytime, anyplace or anywhere. Admittedly some places are more awkward than others, but if a girl is hot enough. I think fast on my feet and go to work and do my job. Believe me Elvis Preston King gets his girls. Elvis Preston King gets laid more than any man on the planet.

Let the losers waste their time and money in bars and discos. You hang out with the KING and YOU will get lucky every day. Guaranteed.

Forget leading a life of emptiness and desperation with women. If you are a man who loves women and has difficulty getting laid I can help. You are not going to believe it but your author is the top pick-up artist in the world, bar none. I have posted a challenge on the internet called the World's Top Playboy Playoff Challenge and created quite a stir in the pick-up artist community but no one has the balls to meet me in open competition.

I could write a book and sell my secrets for 10 to 100 bucks. But I refuse to sell my secrets cheap. Besides, I don't think most men would have the balls to use my techniques.

Society does NOT want you to be a happy man like Hugh Hefner or Elvis Preston King. Society wants you to earn millions of dollars and pay your taxes. Stay with the same old fat over the hill wife and live a sexually starved and miserable existence. Society wants you to convert your sex drive into becoming a money machine and horde money like Warren Buffett and die miserable and leave all your money to your favorite charity.

It's your choice but with Elvis Preston King at least you have a choice. Why should the joy and passion of many exciting sexual relationships be enjoyed by only men like Hugh Hefner or Elvis Preston King. I don't know about Hugh but I am looking for one buddy to hang out with who wants to share in my good fortune. Forget heartbreak, rejection and the miserable life you are leading. Hang out with The King. Don't worry about your age or your looks just bring your lotto winnings and hang out with The King. Or turn your company over to your right hand man and come on and enjoy the life with the playmates that you have always dreamed about. I can pick up little dolls galore for you and for me anytime, anywhere and anyplace.

Yes I am looking for only a rich man who wants nothing but playmate after playmate after playmate. Why rich? Number 1 the King doesn't work cheap and I am the Guinness World Book number 1 pick-up artist in the world. (I have invited them to confirm my claim). The best costs money. Although I am not about hording money. I am about spending it on GIRLS and the good life. What? Are we going to take it with us? If you're my man call Elvis now at 809-581-8648 or email me at


Elvis Preston King is the world's most renowned and respected playboy. His job is picking up and seducing classy young women globally for the gentleman conoseiur who realizes that there is more to life than just accumulating money and the same old same old boring wife. You can email him at or visit and


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