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Playboys, Wealthy Men and Happiness

By Elvis Preston King

Most men think that MONEY will bring them happiness. I have been rich and I have been poor and money in itself will not make you happy. Of course, to be a successful playboy you need enough cash to keep the girls coming through the playboy mansion doors.

The latest buzz in the field of economics points to a myriad of studies examining the link between happiness and wealth. These studies all seek to answer the question: Are richer people happier? Prevailing research suggests no.

Not according to Richard Layard, director of the Centre on Economic Performance at the London School of Economics and author of Happiness: Lessons from a New Science. Layard cites research that implies that although the United States has experienced extensive economic growth since 1950, people today are no happier overall than they were in the 1950s. And this same theory holds true in other wealthy, developed nations, such as Japan and Britain.

In our case we are talking about men. So why aren't rich men happy? Simply put they are so stressed out from the responsibility of getting rich that they don't take time to enjoy what really matters in life. Lots of hot young chics.

One of the problems is when a man finally realizes a wealthy status he realizes that money alone does not guarantee him a steady flow off hot playmates.

Usually if an older man pursues hot 18 year old chics it is through escort services. Paying for it is not the same as having real sexual relationships.

Gentlemen, there is only one solution on the face of the earth for ONE unhappy wealthy man. That solution is to hire the services of one Elvis Preston King. First of all Elvis is a very HAPPY man. He has been a pick up artist all of his life. His Mother blessed him with some sort of mystical attraction. The man picks up and seduces more hot young chics than any man on the planet. He seduces one to three new girls per day. He holds the world record of the most seductions. He is for hire. He is NOT looking for money. He is looking for a wealthy gentlemen to keep the Howard Hughes playboy lifestyle going Nothing more. Elvis is not greedy and is not concerned about getting wealthy off someone else. However, Elvis is worried about keeping the playboy mansion doors open and keeping the girls coming through those doors. He is willing to share it all with ONE lucky man.

Don't kid me I know you are not happy hording all your money. That fact has been scientifically proven. The money it would take to get YOU laid everyday and maintain this lifestyle would probably come out of an expense fund that you would never even miss.

You know who you are. You are sexually repressed and wealthy and you are miserable. You know the rules of success. Apply them to your happiness. In the US where I am from sexually starved men is the norm. The media gains billions of dollars annually selling you sexual fantasies but society does not want you to get yours other than in these fantasy commercials, movies and tv shows, but not in real life.

Society does NOT want you to be a happy man like Hugh Hefner or Elvis Preston King. Society wants you to earn millions of dollars and pay your taxes. Stay with the same old fat over the hill wife and live a sexually starved and miserable existence. Society wants you to convert your sex drive into becoming a money machine and horde money like Warren Buffet and die miserable and leave all your money (un-enjoyed) to your favorite charity. Society wants you to work, have no fun and certainly no hot women, get married, play by the rules and die without having experienced the real pleasures of life. That's what society wants.

Look at Bill Clinton, the President of the United States just trying to get a little! The US and the Western World are sexually repressed and the men are depressed!

Elvis Preston King wants you to hang out with him and live and get laid by hot loving chics who really like older men like us. Bear in mind Elvis does not do dancers, escorts, pros or sleazy women. My girls want to meet momma. However, there are too many and to little time especially for the older distinguished gentleman and his newest best buddy Elvis Preston King.

You may find being richer doesn't make you happy; rather, being truly happy makes your life richer. Happiness is being a successful playboy! Being a successful playboy will make your life richer!


About the Author

Elvis Preston King is the world's most renowned and respected playboy. His job is picking up and seducing classy young women globally for the gentleman conoseiur who realizes that there is more to life than just accumulating money and the same old same old boring wife. You can email him at or visit and


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