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Dominant Women - Why Can't Men Resist?

By Joseph T Farkasdi

I know that there is a lot that I still need to learn about passionate sex and the art of making love. Learning that I don't get at home, because my woman is as much of a submissive as me. This makes growing in applied sexual skills a real challenge for me, because I need this dominant-submissive role play between my lover and I. Sadly, I find myself really in a struggle to physically, in a sexual way, show my love for the significant other in my life. The sex is great when we have it, but... She doesn't get enough of what she needs in the way of sex with me, because I'm not getting the dom-sub role play that I need. I really need a dominant in the house sexually enticing me to intimacy. Unfortunately, she's too much like me, a submissive to the core sexually. We both want more and, sadly, we're both losing out. But,...

We've done a lot of talking about it, and she has made it clear to me that I need to get involved with others to satisfy my need for sexually intimate role play with a dominant lover - so that I'm motivated to do my manly duties more often and more spontaneously at home to satisfy her needs. Yes, she's a very understanding woman, who recognizes that a strictly monogamous relationship between her and I is not going to work between us - if we truly want to be happy as relationship partners. We both need the option to share intimacy with others, while staying committed to each other. And, so long as our affairs with others causes an intensity in sexual intimacy between us, our relationship is deepened for the better for us. It is this kind of mutual understanding that makes our relationship strong. The only requirement I put on this understanding between us is that she should be aware of who I'm being intimate with, if and when I should do this.

With these truths to our relationship shared (as embarrassing as it maybe through sharing it openly with the world), I would like to now share a deep desire that I have (and have always had throughout my adult life):

I am in need of engaging in a submissive-dominant relationship with a woman, or a woman and a man, who is by her nature a clear sexual dominant. I am seeking a woman or couple who can have a healthy friendship with me, and yet expect me to sexually submit myself to their training one night out of each week. The goal is to train me to be a truly realized applied and motivated sexual lover even when sharing a moment of intimacy with an outright submissive. I expect to sign a written contract of submission training with the woman or couple willing to train me in this way, where I am bound by my signature to fulfill this weekly arrangement with them.

The rules and objectives of this submissive-dominant relationship are simple and clear. One, I agreed in writing to submit my time, mind, and body to her or them in this intimately sexually submitted way one evening or day out of each week. Two, that I give her or them my complete trust and obedience to her or their every sexual desire that is expected during our weekly time together. Three, that everything we do together is done with some form of lighting in the room. It is understood that if we are outside the home, this situation might be different. Four, that a bare-handed spanking will be applied to my unclothed rear-end when it is perceived that I am not showing appropriate enthusiasm or willingness to obey her or their desire. Five, that I progressively demonstrate increased skill and knowledge on how to make sexual love to others over the course of our sub-dom training relationship.

It would also be clearly understood between her or them and I that my woman will clearly be kept up-to-date on our sexual activities and what I am supposed to have learned through them. And, I will be expected by her or them to demonstrate these new learned skills regularly in our (my woman and I's) sexual relationship. By insuring this communication, my woman becomes the judge of whether I am effectively learning from her or them the sexual skills (acts and behaviors) of a true lover. My woman's feedback to her or them allows her or them to determine what she or they need to do next to spur the growth desired of and within me. And, clearly, if I am not making use of these newly developed skills, I understand that I will be appropriately punished and required to go through a more stringent remedial training concerning these skills. This I understand up front and give my fullest intent not to put my woman or my dominant(s) in this situation. I want to learn.

Is there a woman or couple willing to form this kind of sexual arrangement with me? A relationship based in good friendship, but very stringent to the obligations above when it comes time every week to engage in submissive-dominant training? I seriously need a relationship of this sort to satisfy my sexual needs, to bring balance within. And, I do want to become a better lover to my woman in the process to better satisfy her sexual needs. Just as importantly, I want to please and satisfy my dominant woman friend or couple by giving myself (mind, behaviors, and body) fully and enthusiastically to our weekly arrangement for her or their satisfaction. If a woman friend or couple that knows me is reading this and finds my offer here desirable, then talk with me about it and lay the contract before me and, together, we'll talk to my woman about it. And, if all of us are in agreeance over this arrangement, I'll sign it and live by it fully with you. I give you my word on this!

About the Author

Joseph Farkasdi is a fictional writer and social commentator. His online expressions range from the sharing of deeply opinionated thoughts on life, love, and relationships to the ever stirring wild and sometimes wet erotic fantasies that stretch one's secret imaginations. His photographic works are as revealing and shameless as his willingness to share all without inhibition. You can view his web site by clicking on


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