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Ten Stress Signals & Four "Secret Tactics to Get Things Under Control

By Nicky VanValkenburgh

If you are stressed out, the best thing you can do is take time to relax. Relaxation releases built-up tension and frustration. If you don't take time to relax, the emotional and mental stress you're experiencing will eventually manifest itself in the form of physical symptoms. These vary from person to person, but some of the common symptoms of excessive stress are:

1. Memory lapses. You run into someone at the grocery store that you've known for years. For some reason, you can't remember their name. It's on the tip of your tongue. Stress short-circuits your memory, at least temporarily.

2. Irrational thinking. Under stress, it is hard to think clearly and get organized. Small challenges become huge obstacles.

3. Feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety, and fear. Stress can cause our feelings to spiral out of control.

4. Impulsive behavior. You may respond in a way that's completely out of character for you. You act on a whim, without thinking about the consequences.

5. Tendency to make mistakes. You may forget something, leave it behind, or overlook details that you normally would have considered.

6. Headaches, backache, joint or muscle pain. Stress may manifest itself in the form of physical symptoms. Left untreated, these symptoms only get worse.

7. Difficulty in falling asleep. Stress makes it difficult to wind down and drift off to sleep.

8. Shallow breathing and tightness in the chest. This is a sure sign of tension and stress.

9. Weakened immune system. Under stress, we are more susceptible to colds, flu, headaches, sore throat, and congestion.

10. Arguments with family and friends. When stressed, you become easily agitated over trivial matters. You may become angry with a family member or friend, simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Without a doubt, stress can cause serious problems in our relationships, work and health. To deal with stress quickly and effectively, consider these four "secret tactics to get things under control:

1. Deep breathing. Take a slow, deep breath thorugh your nose. Hold for the count of ten. Exhale slowly, releasing the air through your mouth. If posisble, do this ten times.

Deep breathing can be done anywhere, whether you're stuck in traffic or sitting at your desk. It is effective because it triggers a relaxation response. The body becomes calm as tension is released. Your mind becomes more alert and focused. Deep breathing also reduces the intensity of your physical response to stress.

2. Take a break! If you're dealing with a stressful person, situation or circumstances, it is wise to distant yourself for a while. You need to rest and recharge before you encounter your "stressor again.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell, a stress reduction expert from Germany, often talks about rubbing your hand against a table, and how you could do this forever if you took breaks. Of course, if you didn't take a break, your hand will eventually bleed. If you continued to rub your hand against the table, you'd probably be seriously wounded. The point is that taking breaks provide energy, which allow the body to recuperate. Whenever you're stressed, taking a break is like recharging your batteries.

3. Visualization. If you can't walk away and physically leave, the next best thing is mental escape. Picture yourself at the beach, near a waterfall, or in the snowy mountains. Any place that triggers relaxed, peaceful and content feelings is a good place for a mental vacation.

When visualizing your relaxing place, try to imagine it as fully as possible. Use all five senses. What do you see? Does it smell? What do you hear? Can you feel it? Can you taste it? Gradually allow yourself to return to the real world.

Going on a "mental vacation is almost like physically leaving your surroundings. It will give you the energy you need to respond to stress in a cool, calm and collected manner.

Another type of visualization involves a mental dress rehearsal. Instead of visualizing a relaxing scene, mentally rehearse a situation that is causing your stress. Picture yourself talking with your troubled boss or coworker, (or whatever it is that stresses you out.) See yourself responding in a cool, confident and relaxed manner. Perhaps in reality, you became jittery and uptight. Now see yourself responding the way you'd like to. Are there certain tasks or sitautions which are difficult for you? Imagine yourself successfully completing these tasks. Visualize yourself as calm and in control. This type of mental rehearsal can help you change your approach, feelings and attitude.

4. Progressive Relaxation. This technique works by tensing and relaxing various parts and muscles of your body, one group at a time. In his "Total Relaxation U-Cure Cd, Dr. Leonard Coldwell asks his listeners to experience themselves at the beach, as warm sunlight warms and relaxes your feet, knees, legs, etc."all the way up to your head. Every muscle in body becomes relaxed, one group at a time.

Once you learn to relax the individual parts of your body, you can eventually relax your entire body at will. With practice and time, you will learn to identify tension signals in your body and relax instantly (as if on auto-pilot) whenever you need it. By mastering Progressive Relaxation, you learn to focus your awareness on the internal mechanisms that control the physical and mental stress relievers of the central nervous system.

Sounds great, but this is too much work!

If all of this sounds like a lot of work, try Dr. Leonard Coldwell's U-Cure Power Break Empowerment Package. It combines the four "secret tactics for stress reduction (deep breathing, taking breaks, visualization and progressive relaxation) into a fast, easy and powerful system for healing and rejuvenation. By listening just 20 minutes a day, you will get results faster than you ever thought possible.

My life is hectic, and I just don't have time!

Don't have the time? Some folks set their alarm clocks to do U-Cure first thing in the morning. You don't even need to get out of bed. Just put on your headphones, turn on your cd player, and close your eyes. What could be simplier than that? Put U-Cure's life changing system to the test, and you'll be amazed at the permanent positive results that occur in every area of your life.

Your mind and body has the power to heal itself. All you need is the tools to make this a part of your everyday routine. U-Cure is a convenient way to get on the road to less stress.

About The Author
Nicky VanValkenburgh writes about personal strategies for empowered living. Check out her stress reduction website at

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